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I went to Mexico to Mastermind with over 100 Millionaires (here's everything I learned)
I have a special announcement today… As you probably know, I flew to Mexico with my Creative Director to attend Cole Gordon’s Mastermind in Cabo, along with 100 of the most influential and successful agency owners, coaches, consultants, and course creators… …And the value I got was worth the whole plane’s weight in gold. The reason I’m saying this is because I discovered I’m not the only one facing certain challenges when it comes to scaling, providing a red-carpet customer experience, and elevating my team’s standards… …It’s actually a common theme amongst the industry leaders… …So it was like a ‘breath of fresh air’ to realize I could get the lessons and knowledge I needed, when I needed it the most. And now, I want to take you along that experience and show you EVERYTHING I’ve learned while giving you a behind-the-scenes look at exactly what takes place at Masterminds like these… So, without further ado,’s is proud to present to you… ‘The Mexico Mastermind Masterclass VLOG’ Now, before you go and watch it to learn how to… 👉How To Hire Superstar Team Members (Yes, There’s A Difference Between A Superstar and an ‘A-Player’ That Help You Scale Your Business, So You Can Focus On What You Should Be Doing 👉How To Create A Culture Of ‘Winning’ Within Your Team, So They Can ‘Push’ Themselves To Annihilate KPIs (And Your Competition) 👉 The Secret Weapon Of Any Business Serious About Going Beyond 7-8 Figures (Hint: It’s A Role That 90% Of Businesses Don’t Hire — And Don’t Plan To) And last, but not least… You’ll learn why paying to join a Mastermind can shave 5, 10, maybe 15 years off from your growth journey, while learning how, what, when, and why 8 figure business owners do what they do… …So you can ‘copy and paste’ these learnings into your business as well. Now, I’ll stop it with the ‘humble brag’ here, because the email is getting too long, and you got a ‘premiere’ to attend… 😉 So, take a seat, grab some popcorn, and put on your flip flops, because we’re flying to Los Cabos, Mexico so you can join a room with 100 millionaires discussing REAL business strategies you can start using TODAY.
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@Quazi Johir Plot twist: I am the FOMO. 🕶️
Organic YouTube Q&A - Thread
Got any Qs about YouTube: - video - gear - scripts - strategy - thumbnails - youtube growth Happy to add some value here on this thread. We have a channel with 1.2M subs in the self-improvement niche. I know this is a paid ads-focused group, but most of you have an organic nurture platform as well 🙌
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@Pete Renzulli Create native, well-produced, well-outlined, value-based organic content. Never seen anyone hit big numbers exclusively off live streams tbh. The only way you can compete nowadays is to give more away for free than everyone else is. People are always willing to pay to work with you. It's easier for you, but not optimized for evergreen.
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@Stefano Pretto I'm not too knowledgeable on ecomm niche. Better thumbnails could help, but yours aren't too bad as is. The biggest thing for every channel is only making content around what people actually want. Think TOPIC first. Especially if you're going to go through all the effort of writing, filming, editing, thumbnail, etc - can take 20-40 hours a video like mine. So the highest leverage top-funnel question: "s this topic interesting to the market?" - put another way... "Do people actually care about this? or is it just convenient for me to talk about?" There are actually not that many topics to choose from for every niche tbh. Success comes when you're OK with repeating yourself. Also when you're OK re-doing the same 3-4 style video topics over and over again.
Video recording setup?
Hello, could you please link your video setup for recording videos? Mic, camera etc. Thank you! @Brian Moncada
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Your phone is likely good enough. For creating content long term, I got to 1M subs using a Sonya6400 w/ Sigma 16mm lens. Most mics are fine - distance from your mouth makes the biggest impact.
Banned from Skool group...
Hey guys, recently my team and I have been getting sent messages from some of you who've been sharing screenshots of DM's from other members who are clearly just joining to try and sell you something. I've recently had to ban about 7 members for doing this, as it's something we simply won't tolerate. If you join this group to just to farm the members list and send a bunch of random cold DM's to sell your offer/services, you will be banned. Simple as that. Of course, I make offers to this community because it's our community... But I also try to provide 10x as much value as you get offers from us as well... and I think we've done a really good job of that so far. Regardless, this is just a reminder to not be THAT guy/girl who does this, otherwise you'll just get banned. Let's keep this community great. And if you have any ideas that you wanna share on how we can improve it, we're always ALL ears :) Happy Friday, and Cinco De Mayo 🕺
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I paid $18,000 to learn how to grow my YouTube channel from a guy who has 1.39M subscribers
I paid $18,000 to learn how to grow my YouTube channel from a guy who has 1.39M subscribers… His name is Clark Kegley, we’ve been friends for 5-years now, and he’s growing by 5k NEW subscribers a day WHILE booking hundreds of sales calls each month for his high-ticket coaching business with "ready to buy" prospects who already know, like, and trust him! And THIS Thursday on March 30th at 11am EST... He's doing a LIVE masterclass inside of the Ad Men Mastermind sharing ALL of his YouTube organic scaling strategies that are working right now! If you're an agency owner, coach, or course creator who sells high-ticket info products/services... Having a personal brand is a "cheat code" for closing deals in 2023! And YouTube is still by far the best platform to build one... Especially with the rumors of Tik Tok being banned soon! Think of YouTube as your "Digital Real Estate Portfolio", and EACH one of your videos on your channel is a property... Aka an asset that generates you cash flow! Some videos make you hundreds, others make you thousands, and/or even millions in Clark's case! And the best part is... Each day, week, and month, those videos compound over time and continue building your impact and income. So how would you like the "cheat codes" to building your personal brand on YouTube from someone who's doing it at the highest level possible? How would you like to learn how to get your first 10k subscribers?100k subscribers? Or even 1M subscribers on YouTube? What kind of growth would that allow you to experience for your business? Imagine having the ability to NOT have to run Ads anymore because your calendar is consistently PACKED with qualified appointments coming from your organic content... Imagine being able to cover your overhead expenses from your monthly Adsense revenue alone? Adsense is YouTube paying you for all those views you're getting on your videos btw... Well, if any of that sounds interesting to you, and you're an agency owner, coach, or course creator who's doing at least $15k/month and is looking to scale to $100k/months...
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Gonna be 🔥
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