Banned from Skool group...
Hey guys, recently my team and I have been getting sent messages from some of you who've been sharing screenshots of DM's from other members who are clearly just joining to try and sell you something.
I've recently had to ban about 7 members for doing this, as it's something we simply won't tolerate.
If you join this group to just to farm the members list and send a bunch of random cold DM's to sell your offer/services, you will be banned. Simple as that.
Of course, I make offers to this community because it's our community...
But I also try to provide 10x as much value as you get offers from us as well... and I think we've done a really good job of that so far.
Regardless, this is just a reminder to not be THAT guy/girl who does this, otherwise you'll just get banned.
Let's keep this community great. And if you have any ideas that you wanna share on how we can improve it, we're always ALL ears :)
Happy Friday, and Cinco De Mayo 🕺
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