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9 contributions to Men of Action Forum
Hit videos
I stumbled across a hit video on Michael on YouTube by a dude called John Anthony Styles who's a pua. Anyone seen this and any thoughts? It's from at six months ago.
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@Eli Hollingsworth "He also makes hate videos about every other creator he's ever worked with." - THIS LOL He has no loyalty what-so-ever. He'll be friends with you for a bit then attack you in a future video. He's done this with like a dozen people. Also forgot to mention that he'll make hundreds of diss videos insulting other content creators with false accusations and yet when someone responds or makes a video on him he'll threaten you with a lawsuit to try to shut you up. Also deletes any comments on his videos that are negative about him to make it seem like all the comments are on his side. He's truly fucked.
How to close from social circle?
Coming from the PUA mindset, I would go for contact details and work to setup a date. However.. With throwing events, I'm confused as to how to actually close from our social circle/events. If you do an event and you like a woman, do you set up a date with her a few days after? Or I've heard about doing like a smaller event after the main event with less people but then how do you actually escalate if everyone is in your house? This has been confusing for me as to how this actually happens. Any insights would be appreciated.
New comment Dec '23
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@Vittorio Oratore Yes! - stories described by Dan Bilzerian in his book “The Setup”, he often takes girls to another room to smoke weed and eventually closes the deal. - that was ALWAYS the close line. He said "let's go smoke weed" and then got laid.
What are the 5 sets of rules
Like 1. We don’t listen to the word we pay attention to people actions. But what are the other 4?
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@Gabe Saenz Search bar is your friend ;)
Does Instagram's New Update Change Invites?
Solved: Michael addresses this here With Instagram's new update users can only send 1 cold DM without any pictures or videos. Usually, my invites are some proof pictures + a sentence to invite, but since the photos are gone I'm wondering how people are working around this update to show IVE other than following 1000+ people.
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See I tried it on a random account. Option 2 or 3 doesn’t work. Only 1 works
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@Nick Smith no it doesn’t, IG is smart. You can only send their post once or cold DM once. Only thing that works unlimited is to reply their story
Free Online AI Tool to remove things from your pictures
Use generative filling Example below Drop a like if you want, would like to get to level 4
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@Xen Af What do you mean? How do you crop out a corner watermark easily? I feel it would get in the way of the actual photo. The video I linked above is a great solution but I suspect Adobe will remove that in 1-2 months max.
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@Xen Af yes I said above I feel they would fix it in a couple of months And I guess you can do that but it’s annoying to have to do that Most pics I take I’m in the middle and it’s not too easy to crop out the bottom left unless you take the picture very far out I guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts lol
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