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I'm super excited about using Fastbots to create my first ChatBots. The first one is a regular QA. This new bot I'm working on is an "AI-powered LifeSpider Coach™ chatbot! so all answers and questions are rooted in LifeSpider System's™ philosophy. This chatbot is designed to guide, challenge, and support people's personal growth journey. This is a bot where people dive into meaningful conversations, uncover deep insights, and embark on a path to passion, peace, and fulfillment. But, before I can let it go pro, it needs to be trained. So if anyone here is curious, it would be super helpful if you could ask questions and present issues to be challenged so I know what to adjust. Be serious you might even get some life empowerment:-) It's not fully loaded with all the information in LifeSpider Ology, but it's still impressive. So , you'd better keep up your good work with Fastbots!:-) And while you are here. Which of those images do you think should be the avatar for the bot?
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