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Finish your marathons strong, over and over again, get fitter & stronger, WITHOUT those endless long and slow 18+ mile training runs.


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Change "Classroom" tab to "Courses"?
We think "Courses" is more intuitive. What do you think?
Joe Moss
Cameron X
Andy Smith
Caleb Hosmer
Raquel Hernandez
New comment 8h ago
  • 5 likes • Apr 20
    NOOO!!! Please not. We also have testimonial videos, quick instruction videos and most of all information about our paid programs.
New feature: Classroom rich text editor
Now you can use rich text editing to create course modules any way you like! Click here to see an example. (fastest way to understand the new feature). Now you can use the following: 1. Inline images 2. Headings 3. Bold, italics, strikethrough 4. Inline code and code blocks 5. Bulleted and numbered lists 6. Quote blocks 7. Links 8. Dividers 9. Description visibility Check out the example here, try it for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy 🎉
Chris Marsella
Timothy Shieff
Yohan Delalande
Shaun Michael
Ashley Maree Saunders
New comment 27d ago
  • 5 likes • Apr 11
    Yes we needed this. Thank you
Our Free -> Paid Skool setup = $450k per month
Hey Skool... buddies? I wanted to share how I'm using a free group funnel to move people to my paid community... using Skool of course! Now, I'm not the biggest fan of writing, I get bored fast.. so I'm mostly gonna bullet point this AND I made a Loom video here: Happy to answer whatever questions you like. Ok, so main things to know: - I run a company called AJ&Smart, we're a digital product studio and innovation training company (we help companies like Lego, Google, GE, Amex etc with their digital products) which also sells online courses (mainly to teach people how to Facilitate Workshops) - For the specific online course side of the business, we use Skool to funnel people from ads/youtube videos (example)/books and other activities into a Free Group called "Facilitator Club" - Facilitator Club is focussed on helping consultants in the product/innovation/tech space move from being people who have to execute tasks for their clients to just being involved in the strategic/up-front work like "ideation". We also have a lot of people from other industries in there too who just want to move toward strategy and away from execution. Here's the group: (Please only join if you think it might be relevant). - This free group is full of little things to keep people engaged, primarily using the Leaderboard system to help people "unlock" courses and resources. These actually help people to preview the quality of our paid stuff. - The free group acts as a "holding pattern" for people to move to our paid group which costs €6000 and now almost has 1000 members. - The free group isn't the only way people are getting into the paid group, but it's definitely been an amazing place to "warm people up" before moving them to the paid group.
Jesse Clark
Nick Guadagnoli
Shaun Michael
Danny Holtschke
Yohan Delalande
New comment 29d ago
  • 1 like • Jun 19
    Hi Jonathan thank you for sharing. Do you want your VSL and eBook funnel optins to join the free community or paid?
  • 1 like • Jun 21
    @Jonathan Courtney ah ok! Thanks man!
New course: How to use Skool as a "Free Group Funnel"
@Andrew Kirby stopped by Skool HQ the other day to hang out. We talked about Skool for 6 hours. He's doing some interesting things with his free group "Synthesizer School". He basically funnels his audience (social, email list, etc.) to his free group + mini-course. He builds a relationship with his audience in the group, and occasionally promotes his paid course. It works! The funnel: Audience → to Community → to Customers. Anyway... I got Kirby to create a "Free Group Funnel" mini-course sharing his process. If you have any questions, comment below, and I'm sure Kirby will help. Enjoy!
Troy Scott
Andrew Kirby
Safia Matabaro
Lukas Mertens
Baz Zwaan
New comment Mar 30
  • 0 likes • Mar 30
    Hey Kirby really appreciate your video. Any further developments right now (March)? I have a question about HOW you position your group to your audience. Do you have email wording examples of how you funnel them into your group? Thanks!!
Skool has an App!
Skool's official iOS App is live. Download it here on the iOS App Store, by scanning this QR code, or searching for "Skool Communities". It has push notifications, links open in the app, + more. Our Android app should be live in the next 30 days.
Adam Zalewski
Charles Miller
Jared Egge
Salina Yeung
Meg King
New comment Jun 30
Really don’t understand
Hey guys I really don’t get it.. When MY leads sign up to my Skool Group they have to enter their email addresses to create a Skool account. WHY aren’t those emails accessible to me, as the ‘owner’ of this lead, just like that? To my leads Skool is just an ‘engine’ , the inderlying platform, like Clickfunnels, powering my community in the background. Btw asking them AGAIN for their email in the signup questions is totally redundant - seen from the lead’s perspective. “Why am I asked my email again?” In fact, same with the SK thumbnail in the iphone app. My leads and customers are looking for the brand they signed up to - which is not Skool. Let me know if the above makes sense? Thanks!
Matt Keter
Vianney Wilson
Mark Firth
Sean Kochel
Dalibor Stojkovic
New comment Jun 1
  • 2 likes • May 31
    @Vianney Wilson Hey Vianney thank you for your reply. The fact is we invite OUR customers and leads to OUR community. We are not inviting them to a platform called Skool. On top of that, our customers and leads are not interested in other groups at the moment they sign up. Which again creates confusion if they are asked again for their email address.And finally we simply feel we already OWN those emails, because the only reason these people are signing up to Skool is because of us asking them to sign up.
QUESTION: how can I get my members email adresses?
Maybe I am overlooking.. how can I get to see email addresses of my community members when I want to email them in person?
Oliver Andrees
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment May 25
Skool App
Is there a way to modify the SK icon into your own?
Robert Charles
Dom Thorpe
Baz Zwaan
New comment May 18
  • 1 like • May 18
    @Dom Thorpe Thanks! I use this too for my clients. Way better branding than the app
New features: User profiles, category chips, pinned posts
We shipped three features that make things more discoverable on Skool: New user profiles — Ever wondered what groups somebody is a member of, or if they're a creator of their own group? Now you can see on their user profile! This makes profiles more interesting and groups more discoverable. (image 1). Category chips — How do you get the organization of categories/channels but the simplicity of a single feed? Now you can see categories at the top of the feed and filter for them with a click. This makes categories and content more discoverable. (image 2). Pinned posts redesign — We made pinned posts yellow, so they're more obvious. (image 3). Check them out and let us know what you think 🙂
Ian O'Brien
Ted Carr
Giorgio Klinar
Saqib Rasool
George Tritton-Price
New comment May 15
Ask Membership Questions again?
Is there a way for members who didn't answer their membership questions to do it after they were let in?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Robert Charles
New comment May 5
Membership Overview
It would be nice to have in the Membership overview on the 'Questions' tab also the member's bio.
Public Group Launched Today!! 😊 🥳🕺💃🎂🍻 Still working on copying 'old' kajabi course content into Classrooms. $$ = subscription based UPLEVEL (basic) and INNER CIRCLE (flagship) services accessible via Classrooms top menu and pinned START HERE post (thank you Andrew Kirby!!!) Community setup is flawless - THANKS SAM&TEAM!!! Next step is inviting our 12.000+ cf list. Leads, old subscriptions, todays subscriptions, free book owners, high ticket 3800/yr flagship customers. Any winning strategies on how to invite all different types of lists you have? I mean is there a clever invite order?
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Baz Zwaan
New comment Apr 3
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