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Facilitating a Discussion on 'Company Values' - any ideas?
Has anyone ever facilitated a workshop session on 'Company Values'? I am seeking ideas. This would be an initial brainstorm/discussion for a staff team of 20, on the values that the organisation wants to align with. I have two hours. The organisation doesn't have a set of Values written out so they want to initiate a meaningful process to get input from staff on values, organisational culture, ways of working etc. Has anyone travelled this road before? :) Thank you!
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Hey @James Frost ! I always like to think about company values as very tangibly connected to real-life business and individual behavior and actions. It's easy to workshop some lofty values that feel good and wholesome in the moment, but they usually don't have a lot of lasting power outside of the workshop constraints. Employees get jaded very quickly if leadership announces values that aren't lived, and don't really give anyone guidance on how to act when it's becoming difficult to make a decisions. This is really what the values should be able to help with. This is why I would always connect the thinking on values on how they are translated into reality. I would also think about values as existing on a spectrum, of which both ends are "value-neutral" (there is no "bad" value, there are only "real" and "fake" values, and you always want the values to be genuine, not fake). For example, a company that is very concerned about IP probably doesn't have "open" as a value. On a spectrum, they are likely more towards the "closed" end, and that is fine. I could imagine creating a few of these spectrums could provide a useful frame to discuss these. I would also think about ending the workshop in a way that identifies how these values would translate into the reality of the buiness: - What is it we are doing we should continue, or do more of? - What is something we aren't doing yet, that we should start doing? - And what are the things we should stop doing, because it doesn't align with our values? This is really where the rubber hits the road, because it's uncomfortable. That could be a good way to close the loop. So just as an idea to start you off, I'd spend some time in the beginning on doing a short retro on how things are going now, what has happened the past 12 months (highlights and low points), then work on the spectrums (where do participants think the business falls now on the spectrum, and where do they think it should be?), then align and keep going back to the work done at the beginning, thinking about how that scenario might have played out with the new value in place.
Q&A Call Recording - December 12th 2023
Hey everyone, here’s the call recording from Tuesday’s session with @Rebecca Courtney and @Tim Höfer Big topics for this week: - How to approach a big organizational transformation project in a short workshop - How to organize a fun, engaging workshop showing the value of creativity and collaboration for gifted schoolchildren - What experiences does the community have about collaboration vs competition between agencies working for the same clients Enjoy the session!
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It was really fun! Thanks to everyone who showed up and the excellent questions! If we didn't get to yours, join the next call and get it in early so we can address it next time 🙂
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Fail free way to kick off a workshop?
Hi all. I would love your advice.. I hate kicking off workshops, because I typically get the most nervous right at the beginning. It’s when all eyes are on me, I tend to get a little breathless, and my voice gets shaky. Once I have some interaction from the team, all that goes away. I’m looking for a fool proof way to kick off a workshop that immediately engages an audience without me having to say more than a few words. I’ve tried so many things to reduce those jitters the first few minutes, but I have not been successful. I welcome any creative suggestions or helpful tips. Thank you! Jennie
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@Jennie Shiu I still feel like that every time when starting a workshop. I don‘t consider being slightly uncomfortable a bad thing, necessarily. I wouldn‘t look at your nervousness as something negative, or something that‘s a stigma. In a way, it‘s really a good thing. You are in a heightened state of attention because you are in a new situation and want to do a good job. Something that has had a huge impact on how I perceive these situations is if I had the chance to talk to all participants ahead of the workshop (even briefly). It‘s so much easier to facilitate participants you had a chance to talk to before. And again, I would really lean into your nervousness rather than considering it something unpleasant.
the neutrality dilemma
hey everyone, I am just halfway through the facilitation fundamentals program and have really enjoyed it so far. My goal is not to become a full time facilitator but to use facilitation to do workshops with my clients to kick off projects in the field of brand strategy and design. I don't plan to go into a company with a standard solution but to really figure out, what they need through a Workshop. The workshops should just be the first step to diagnose their Problem and to build a strategy that every stakeholder feels like its their own. That brings me in a weird double role and I don't really get my head wrapped around the question on how to dissolve it... Does anyone else use facilitation as a part of another service and can give me some tips on how to deal with that? Thank you guys in advance! Best, Nils
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@Nils Krüger I don‘t think this is a weird or a conflict of interest at all. It‘s fine to use facilitation when diagnosing client needs. We do this in our role as consultants all the time. And in that role, we aren‘t neutral either. It‘s fine to have a viewpoint and to be opinionated, as long as you are open and transparent about it, and don‘t override client decisions. That, of course, is a no go. But our consulting clients work with us specifically because of our experience in product strategy and design, and facilitation is a means to make that process more efficient and collaborative.
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