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Coming to Vegas in August for work?
Might be coming to Vegas for work in August. Any tips?
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@John Bray things to do, and places to take pictures that I can post on IG.
Which photo to post?
Two edits of the solar eclipse, which one should I post?
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@Kervain Saintil thanks!
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@Amon Fowler it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never felt more human
Admitting my dating issues
I am new here thanks for the add btw. I’m 33, have not had a date in 10 years, I have not had a girlfriend since high school, which just so happens to be my first and only relationship. I have only had 2 dates in my entire life. I fight depression, nihilism, anxiety, shame, and addiction because of it. Iv made all the mistakes, web cam model addiction, had to lose my virginity to an escort at 24, continued to use escorts for 6 years, no more friendzone I no longer have any female friends outside of my friends wives and girlfriends, I work from home as an IT support admin so I am not in an office. I’v been trying to fix my life in this area, but I cannot do so by myself, I asked for help, when I received indifference, was laughed at, and was ignored, I took it as a sign my friends were not my friends, instead of helping, people just said “sorry bud wish we could help” So I left my friends of 15 plus years , they were shocked, I have changed jobs to earn more, went from 386 down to 220, I’m healthy (minus being a diabetic which I keep to myself) I quit drinking, I hit that gym 3-4 times a week. Walk every morning, I genuinely thought I would at least be in a relationship by now, or married, but instead I am by myself. I am open to any suggestions to improve. I thought I’d be a good dad, I was wrong. I can’t even get laid, how can I be? I am again, open to fixing myself, I don’t know where to start.
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Are you seeing a therapist or taking any anti depression medication? Forget dating your mental health is the most important and it’s not peaches and roses dealing with women . You actually have no relationship baggage. Have you tried to date? What have been your methods? In person online dating etc? The weight is definitely a huge hindrance’ and I’m assuming that was the main reason. Women are extremely vain and care about good genetics. getting down in weight is a must, great work on taking action.
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@Danny Jones you said in your own words you fight depression, nihilism, anxiety and addiction. That isn’t normal. I’m just going off what you wrote which suggested mental health issues
IG update reviews
So after some feedback from my previous post, I have made some changes. I hope you guys can comment on these pictures (posture, editing, etc). I also have a hard time deciding between some of these that are in the same location. I have some additional questions, how often do you post, and do you use hashtags and captions as well? Thanks for your time
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Who are you trying to emulate from the list provided.. I’m trying to copy Vincent. you need to go places that show scarcity, limited resources, and pre selection. I don’t see much of that here.
My girl keeps wanting to go out partying and clubbing. How can I set boundary's on her?
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“My girl” the illusion of monogamy is fascinating… the only thing you can have from her is 50% of her genes in your offspring. Everything else is temporary… I really want you to ask yourself this question… are you the best she can do? Woman ask themselves that question everyday and she seems to be asking it now. You can’t set boundaries on her but you can set boundaries for yourself.
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