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It's quite the work of art. Optimised towards Synthesizer Mastery: high impact, high income, and fun. Interested?



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so I started to create youtube shorts, and they are performing great, yesterday 1k views today 4k views... but as we all know the hook is the most important part when it comes to short-form content, here are my favorite ones: - Pov: ____ - Warning to (target market) - Unpopular opinion _____ - Dropped out of high school to pursue my dream of _____ - Why is nobody talking about ____? - The masculine urge to… - Maturing is realizing _____ - After 37 prototypes the (product name) is finally ready - My biggest regret is ___ - Here's something i wish i knew sooner - You need this if ___ - Before you scroll ___ - For my male/female audience - If you ___ listen up - Stop scrolling if you have ____ - 3 things everyone with ____ needs - If you struggle with ____ watch this - Best ____ alternative - I tried every ____ out there and here are the results… - ____ fans I need your help - I can't believe this ____ is only $__ - This is day 100 of ____ - If you're like me and ___ , then this ones for you - Customer wanted a refund because ___ - I finally found a way to quit ___ - 3 things that help my ___ - 5 things that cured my ___ - Here’s the best way to ___ - Before you buy ___ watch this. - Summer is coming you need this ___ - Just a friendly reminder… - No seriously you need this _ - If you struggle with _ watch this - [target audience] I need your opinion - I can’t believe I lived without _ - Y’all I need your help… - How to never be _ again - Extremely unpopular opinion _ - If you enjoy _ keep watching - [target market] stop scrolling.. - I finally got [the product] and omg.. - Just got my delivery from __ - Stop scrolling if you hate __ - If you're like me & do __ , then this ones for you... - Stop scrolling if you’re suffering from __ - 3 reasons you need a __ - WARNING! before you buy __ - Best __ alternative - Keep watching if you _ - If you hate _, you need a _ - If you want _, make sure to _ - Stop being an NPC and get a _ - I created a product for NPCs - I bet you have never seen the _



Fedor Shatukho
Andrew Poli
Condredge Dole
Gabriela Toderean
Ruben Gallardo
New comment Oct 21
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    100% gonna use some of those. Thanks!

What did you guys use to build an audience on Twitter if you started from scratch? Really curious what your path was :D



Shivam Jha
Andrew Poli
Hussein Akil
Ted Mwenda
Noah Zender
New comment Oct 14
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    @Shivam Jha never used something like that. What was that supposed to be? Like a calendar or a timeline with posts you want to make in a set day? Maybe I can make one.

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    @Andrew Kirby Andrew, this is gold. Love you bro. Thanks a lot for the help!

Synthesizing is beautiful. - It changed my life - It can change yours - It can change the world So I want to spread the word. SYNTHESIZER PODCAST COMING SOON.



Juan Carlos Recalde
Jeff Harrison
Cleymand Mgiba
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Son Nguyen
New comment Oct 5
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    Let's gooo, can't wait for the first episode!

I'm looking to make presentation-type YouTube videos. What are the best tools/apps/software to achieve this?



Griffin A. Hamilton
Ken Hawkins
Andrew Poli
Paul Masters
Claudia Bernal
New comment Oct 4
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    What are you looking for exactly and why are Google Slide & PowerPoint not a good fit?

Ay guys! I've been thinking about this choice of going to college vs. trying to "fast track" my way into the knowledge based economy as a digital nomad/creator/software developer for a while now. I'd love to share some quick thoughts for anyone interested - and if anyone's got any opinions/feedback after, I'd be thrilled to hear em! (..and sorry if it gets a lil long.) I drafted a whole piece for my newsletter about 3 weeks ago explaining why I wouldn't be going to college - but then proceeded to change my mind like 3 more times..sooo now I'm actually giving it a shot for at least 2 weeks (until the tuition is actually due .. hahah) - I'm calling it a 2 week college experiment. Before going, I'm thinking of the pros of university as this: - structure for those who need it...and a decent bridge from HS to the real world - constantly surrounded by people your age (i.e a pretty good network, social benefits, etc.) - you fit in, and with a degree you have an increased level of credibility to most companies (as well as the rest of society as a so-called “educated person”) - 4 year party...🤷🏼‍♂️ And the cons: - outdated learning model that's based on extrinsic motivators and gradually suppresses independent thinking, creativity, etc. (which you can feel free to argue down below .. especially if you've already gone) - limited freedom to take full control of your learning, seek job opportunities, travel, etc. (aka the stuff I did in my gap year). In other words, you aren't just paying for classes but also THE OPPORTUNITY COST associated with the fact that you could've gained an industry relevant internship that makes minimum wage but still puts you up at a NET POSITIVE of $35+ an hour. - pretty expensive tuition (although I'm pretty lucky to have Canadian tuition) compared to nearly any online program...or the countless free internet gems w/ YouTube, twitter, etc. So put differently, I'll use a metaphor: - College is like the highway that's supposed to get you from one state to another... Basically everyone takes it and it's known as the "reliable route" but if you're not careful, you might get hit by a big ol traffic jam and question why you didn't go..say...off-roading. Highways also often have fat fee$.



Massimo Maimeri
Owen Sheasby
Anessa Ryce
Shivam Jha
Andrew Poli
New comment Sep 9
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    This year I'm in the exact same spot as you are Jack. Whenever I think about this, Alex Hormozi's words keep coming up in my head: "It's socially acceptable to fail at entrepreneurship because you're still in school and you're using it as a crutch." (he said this in context of college, but I don't remember when or where unfortunately).

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    @Jack Mielke Sorry for the late reply my man, you can hmu whenever you want :D

Not affiliated in any way shape or form. I found about this website and thought it will help the people in this group. It's completely free and you can find book summaries, ways to increase your willpower, better your sleep, and learn lots of interesting stuff like ancient wisdom, how to set goals, fitness, creativity etc. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think about it :D https://www.heroic.us/optimize



Andrew Kirby
Andrew Poli
Hannah Weaver
Callum Rylance
Fedor Shatukho
New comment Sep 3

Where do you draw inspiration from? Let me know :D



Daniel Mayo
Corey Bennett Boardman
Tatana Siweya
Andrew Poli
Wiktor Romanowicz
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    @Corey Bennett Boardman mostly business stuff, history, and social engineering.

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    @Tatana Siweya that's great, I actually heard about the asking why thing but forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! :D

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