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How to get accepted:
  • Record a short selfie video introducing yourself using, where you're from and how you can add value (e.g. using loom.com, or ANY platform that can host a video, as long as there is a viewable video. Google drive, YouTube, etc. )
  • List off your accomplishments to prove you're someone who takes action. We love a concise list of various things that say that you are one that takes action.
  • You must have a profile that is fully filled out with your real name and face.
How to Apply:
  • Click "Join group" and fill out all questions.
  • If you're not ready to record the video yet, just click "cancel membership request" or click "answer questions" later.
Important to note:
  • Applications without a video intro will be automatically rejected.
  • Minors are automatically rejected. (18+ Group)
  • All questions must be answered honestly and completely.
  • Questions? Just put it in your application, A DRVN Admin will Send you a message directly.
(This is the only official DRVN community.)
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