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Arlin here, founder of IG Engineering, Tribe Accelerator and Maxi! My mission here is to empower you to build an incredible personal brand on Instagram.
That being said, you must agree to the following rules!
A. Provide 10x value before you ask for anything. You get what you give! So give first, and give in abundance!
B. No self promotion. No solicitation. No creating outside group chats.
No negativity or hate speech.
C. Provide value first, then provide more value, then more, then ask for something.
D. Be generally smart.
Basically, if you’re annoying or taking value rather than giving - you will be removed and banned!
Enjoy and see you in the community!
- Arlin
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Instagram Engineering is a Tribe Accelerator sub-course. Get the complete Tribe Accelerator course by joining Arlin's Group via the link below.
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