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8 contributions to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey
Where do you get your leads?
Hey everyone, i have been prospecting for a little bit now and got all my gym leads from d7leadfinder. The issue id that when cold calling, around 70% are bad leads. I want to get another list to test out from a different software. Currwntly i dont get the names of people either, just company names. Let me know what you use 😀
New comment Feb 16
2 likes • Feb 8
i can recommend you using phantombuster but only in pro version
Don’t forget who was there when you started🫶
In my opinion, money is best spent on experiences. Hands down. My parents used to take me on holidays when I was in high school. Naturally, I developed a liking for traveling and experiencing other cultures. As a thanks I enjoy taking them to places they haven't been and on any other holidays I go on. I still can't get over the feeling when I call them, book a flight, and tell them to pack their bags to meet me in a foreign country… Even though they hate when I don’t tell them ahead of time 😂 Thanks to SMMA, Hard work, and God everything flipped for me in my life and relationships. 🙏🏽 At just the start of this year, I got to bless my family with some trips, and I came back with more cash than I spent, So I guess more is needed 😉💙 The late nights and hours pay off! ✨ Morale of the story. Don’t forget to spoil those who were there for you when you needed it most. You wouldn’t be where you are without them... 🌟
New comment Feb 6
0 likes • Jan 31
@Jamie Ogilvy Jamie I already responded to you in your Fly Wheel Group. But as mentioned. This goes to a lot of groups because I want to give to others the same inspiration I was seeing when I first started.
0 likes • Feb 1
@Riegal Du toit
2024 is ours brothers🔥🔥🔥
Hello everyone! New to the community. Goal: Take my agency to a six-figure monthly income. Stay tuned for updates on wins and useful content. Let's conquer together. 2024, here we come! 🔥💼📈
New comment Jan 30
0 likes • Jan 30
@Mark Heisey
0 likes • Jan 30
@Binod Bk
💦I earned my annual income as a car washer in just one day!💦🚗
🚗 In my days as a manual car washer in the USA, I used to bring in $2,000 per month, putting in 10 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week. Juggling two gigs, I spent my daylight hours scrubbing cars, and my nights immersed in the world of online money-making. Before diving into my SMMA venture, my routine involved washing cars by day and exploring online income opportunities by night. 🌙 Fast forward to the present, and here I am in New York, soaking in a view worth a million bucks from my kitchen 🏙️. What's truly mind-blowing is that it only took me two sales calls to surpass my previous yearly earnings. Reflecting on my journey, it's incredible to witness the distance I've covered. Remember, life can transform swiftly if you persist. We wield the power to shape our destinies. Keep pushing forward, everyone! 💪
New comment Jan 26
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@Alessandro Ciotti
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@Howard Rabinowitz
Toll Free Numbers
Got word from GHL that it would be best to get a toll-free number than go through the A2P process later on. I submitted one and it got accepted immediately. Would that be an alternative than waiting for the A2P process to complete? What's the difference of a toll-free number compared to a personalized number that needs A2P submission?
New comment Jan 24
0 likes • Jan 24
honestly you should use area code numbers it comes across better because potential clients think that a client is calling them, with toll free number they always know that it's a company calling
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