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Excited to be here!
Hey all! Very excited to be here in the Facilitators Club. Makes me happy to see already so many people from the Workshopper Master Community but also a lot of new faces who are interested in facilitation! I have a background in architecture and am located in Belgium. Interested in anything that has to do with facilitation, architecture, our behavior in buildings, workplaces and how that affects our mental health, productivity, collaboration and so on. Currently doing more research about it so if you know any podcasts, articles, books, people, ANYTHING 😂 please let me know! PS: I'm also a beauty and the beast fan and I can sing every word to 'Be Our Guest', but only in Dutch (with facial expressions). Working on the English version at the moment. Take care and I'll see you around!
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@David Newman Thank you very much David! Appreciate it, I'll definitely look into him! Thanks! 🤩
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@Shannon Wagers Thanks!
Magic Whiteboards
This is not a paid promotion lol 😂 Ever found yourself being provided a space and you notice there’s not a whiteboard insight..: I came across these during lockdown and after down in Melbourne Victoria we had a good stint of them my whiteboard withdrawals were kicking in week 2… Magic Whiteboard Sheets Stick on Wall - A1 Static & Portable White Board for Walls, Doors, Windows, Fridges, & Glass - Easy Clean, Plain White Dry Erase Board for School & Office The pretty much stick to any surface.
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I also add blutag on the magic paper because it slips off the wall when you have sooooo many stickies ☺️
My favourite icebreaker - Draw a Duck!
My absolute favourite icebreaker is called draw a duck, it’s as simple as it sounds. 🦆 1️⃣ Give everyone post-its and a sharpie 2️⃣ Give them 60 seconds to draw a duck 3️⃣ Have them all put their ducks on the whiteboard 4️⃣ Briefly review your ducks as a group. That’s it. I love it because it’s a quick and effective way to inject a bit of fun into the start of the workshop. Plus, it lowers the bar for visualising ideas later, showing that ability to draw doesn’t matter. Want to practice? Grab a post-it and drop a picture of your duck in the comments, then tag someone in Faciltiator club do the same! 🦆 I'll start us off in the comments! 👇
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@Ryan de Metz 😂😂 I'm awful @Michiel Hauwaert @Murray Cowan you're Next! ⁣⁣
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@Murray Cowan No no no no no. EVERYONE can draw Murray. You just haven't seen my horse yet. I cannot draw horses 😂😂😂😂 nor ducks really.
UK Workshop Facilitator and former Maths Teacher
Hi FC! I am Ben, based in West Sussex. After teaching for 13 years I moved into training and began to learn about design thinking and then design sprints. I am building my workshop facilitation business and supplement it with some training around Google for Education for the time-being. I have found the AJ&Smart resources really useful to get a selection of exercises to build custom workshops for a variety of teams. I am exploring liberating Structures to develop more exercises and grow my workshop facilitation expertise. Excited to grow and learn with this community. Maybe a London event or meetup for anyone in this part of the world...
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Go up the leaderboard and collect gems 💎
AJ&Smart.. How cool is this?! I'm already excited to go climb the ladder and see what else you have in store for us. I do hope there's more 😏 My hopes are high. Very high.
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Belgian architect who is interested in positive change in our working environment. I'm an energetic person with a very talkative cat.

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