My favourite icebreaker - Draw a Duck!

My absolute favourite icebreaker is called draw a duck, it’s as simple as it sounds. 🦆

1️⃣ Give everyone post-its and a sharpie

2️⃣ Give them 60 seconds to draw a duck

3️⃣ Have them all put their ducks on the whiteboard

4️⃣ Briefly review your ducks as a group.

That’s it.

I love it because it’s a quick and effective way to inject a bit of fun into the start of the workshop. Plus, it lowers the bar for visualising ideas later, showing that ability to draw doesn’t matter.

Want to practice? Grab a post-it and drop a picture of your duck in the comments, then tag someone in Faciltiator club do the same! 🦆

I'll start us off in the comments! 👇


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