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Ideation Workshop on SDG
I have been asked by one of the city club to run a 2 hours Ideation workshop for Students (Age ~ 21-26). The Club wants to generate bunch of ideas to meet any SDG goals, and choose at-least best 2 ideas to work this year. I am open to your suggestions for this 2 hours workshop, Where Students can generate some ideas around SDG topic. There will be 15 Participants, group is International, but city club wants to majorly focus on the solution for South Germany. Risks are these International students do not have ideas about the sustainability challenges in South Germany, and all are new to workshopping and meeting each other for the first time. Hence Ideation and community building is expected as workshop output.
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Thank you @Jeroen den Uijl for reaching out. I had this workshop last month in December, if it is not much effort for you I will be glad to learn your workshop design idea 💫😃.
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Thank you @Salah Bouchma for sharing your idea, I am excited to adapt this in my future workshop. By the way the last workshop I did had the little bit similar design, 1. Starting with a Icebreaker, where participants share one of their favorite photograph from the gallery and share their memory about the same. (This went Okayish, start talking a bit with each other) 2. Very shortly discussed the significance of the SDG, and grouped 17SDG's into 5groups, as per focus of the EU for upcoming 5years(made available form their official website) 3. Breakdown all the participants into Group of 4&5 and Brainstormed ideas with Reverse Thinking Method. 4. Asked them to visit the other groups board and vote on the Problems listed 5. Selected Top 3 Ideas after Multilayer voting 6. Later, we played again an Icebreaker where they build a paperplane from their onehand(only left hand) and compete (This was completely energizing for all of the participants) 7. At the end to left the room with some inspirational ideas, I had Lightening Decision Jam, and Pechakucha style pitch and later discussed 1 best direction to work on for the upcoming year. 8. Finally reflected on the progress, played a short Reel with highlights of the evening and ended the workshop. This was quite a good learning for me, for the next time I am definitely modify the weak part of my workshop with your suggested idea and let the magic happen💛💫
This is How I Get C-Level Clients
Discovering new clients doesn't always involve direct sales pitches. In fact, I've found that the best way to get new clients is not by trying hard to convince them. What does that mean? I've been working in the innovation business for 15 years. I know that it's crucial to keep making your product better by talking to customers regularly. For us who run workshops to help customers solve their problems, those problem-solving workshops are our products. So, to get new clients, I reach out to successful senior managers on LinkedIn, like C-Level, SVPs, and VPs. I ask if I can spend 15 minutes learning from them about how they solve problems inside their companies. If they agree, I curiously ask a lot of questions about their process. Why do I do this? - People like feeling important, like heroes. They like being asked for advice. So, I give them what they want, and that makes it more likely for them to say yes to my request. - Sometimes, they just tell me how they solve problems without asking me anything. That's okay - I still learn a lot. - Most times, they ask why I want to know. When I explain my approach, I often hear, "You didn't try to sell anything, but you've sold yourself perfectly." - Success! If you're interested in learning more, please feel free to ask below. PS: What's your approach to finding new clients?
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Smart Move @Adam Egger
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I am newbie into facilitation @Adam Egger 😊
collaboration call
Hi Dear Facilitators I want to collaborate world wide with other facilitators. Whoever is interested share your LinkedIn below the link and write your area of expertise?
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Happy to connect @Hina Nisar . I am new to this area, but have started collaboration for cross industry facilitation.
The eagle has landed! 🦅✨
After a couple of months of intense study, practice, and Inner Circle Mentorship, I’ve landed my first official Sprint!! I’ll be collaborating during a 9-Week Customer Experience Sprint with key members of an AI startup, providing consulting advice, and helping improve the flow, look & feel, and overall experience for a new digital product. The main goal will be to assist the team in establishing product/market fit and proving traction. Among the many fancy exercises I’m planning for this engagement, we’ll collect User Challenges, perform Task Analysis, and build a User Story Map. I will also help them complete a Lean UX Canvas to establish our testing hypotheses, and document a Product Roadmap to identify and prioritize additional features. The pièce de résistance and main deliverable will be an interactive, high-fidelity prototype we’ll use to get feedback from test customers in several rounds of Usability Testing. I am extremely happy and grateful to the AJ&Smart team, for ensuring I did the deed. Special mention of course to @Jonathan Courtney but also to @Rebecca Courtney, @Tim Höfer, and so many others that pointed the way forward. I also want to give thanks to the many colleagues who helped me to grow, and who took time to practice with me some of these exclusive top 1% skills. Too many to mention, so suffice to say if I forgot you I owe you a tall drink ;) whenever you’re in Florida! Here it goes… Thanx to @Graham Thompson @Julie Taplin @Yash Mehta @Jill Banks @Abdul Salam @Benedict Odjobo @Javier von Westphalen @Ömür Yanıkoğlu @Riya Korah @Tarrush Kapoor @Chrissy Braun @Elli Nikolaou @Celine Tran @Teresa Middleton @Irina Volfson @Michelle Audsley Myers @Kristi Shumway @Keith Wasserman @Sabine Braubach @LaYinka Sanni @Lina Robayo @Luca Terminiello @Alexandra Pinegger @Trevor Wood @Kristen Cattell @Hind Bayane @Laure Duchamp @Bret Koontz @Coco Curry @David Marks @Anat Akiva @Talia Johnson @Chris Davis @Shelley McKeating … You’re All Stars!! 🌟✨
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This is Super! Your Sprint sounds really interesting, thank you for sharing the nice brief in description 😊. Wishing you many more of this 😃.
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