N.B. Must Read. Main Rule for this Community
We have a clear No spam & NO self-promotions policy in this group
As Moderator for this Community, I have been receiving many complaints lately from several of our valued members about self-promotions and affiliate promotions and spam via chat, and this is not allowed in here. A lot of the people doing this have also made no contributions to the Community.
The main rule in here is that you may not do any self-promotions of affiliate promotions in here either in the main threads, through Chat or in your BIO. Failure to comply with this rule will mean instant removal and being blocked from this Community.
If any of our Members have or are being affected with this problem, then please notify me in chat with a copy of the message and I will take care of it.
There are many great and helpful people in here and it is all about helping each other. Enjoy your time here.
Glen Merrick
N.B. Must Read. Main Rule for this Community
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