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Boost Your Business with These 5 Marketing Strategies
From high-value email marketing to leveraging AI, these tips will supercharge your brand's growth. I’m excited to share with you five marketing strategies that are trending this year and will help you supercharge your brand. High-Value Email Marketing Email marketing is a powerful tool, and it’s all about delivering high-value content on a consistent schedule. The best part? It’s an owned channel, meaning you have complete control over it. To make your email marketing effective, focus on two things: high-value content and a consistent schedule. For example, every Friday, I send out an end-of-week Lowdown featuring audience questions, hot topics, and brand partnership opportunities. This strategy has helped me achieve a 45% open rate, much higher than the industry average of 25%. Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is more effective than ever and is set to reach $24 billion by the end of 2024. Collaborating with influencers allows you to tap into their audience and create valuable content for your brand. To help you get started, I recommend HubSpot's free guide to influencer marketing, packed with customizable templates and insightful resources. One of my favorite tools from this guide is the creative brief template, which helps ensure your campaigns are successful by clearly communicating your expectations with influencers. Social Commerce Social commerce is booming, especially on platforms like TikTok. It allows your audience to buy products directly through social media channels. TikTok Shop, for example, enables users to purchase products seamlessly within the app. Other platforms like YouTube and Instagram also offer social commerce features, such as YouTube Shop Shelf and Instagram’s product catalog. Make sure your products are easily accessible to those who prefer shopping via social media. Social Search Did you know that Gen Z uses TikTok as a search engine more than Google? This shift means you should focus on creating search-centric content. Answer common questions and provide solutions in your content to reach your desired audience. Use tools like YouTube’s research tab, TikTok Insights, and Instagram’s Explore page to understand what your audience is searching for and tailor your content accordingly.
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@Anthony Sunderland It comes from looking back at yourself and thinking about where you are going, and looking back at what got you here in the first place.
Exciting AI Updates You Don't Want to Miss
Discover the latest AI tools and updates, from a powerful video generator to personalized image styles, and learn how they can enhance your projects Dream Machine by Luma Labs: - We finally have a competitor to OpenAI's Sora that we can actually use. Dream Machine by Luma Labs is a powerful AI video generator. I tried it out and created some amazing animated videos from simple images. It's free to use, though it can be slow during peak times due to high demand. - Descript Update: - Descript, the video editing tool, has had a major update. They added an AI assistant called "Underlord" with fantastic new features like text-based editing, eye correction, sound improvement, and the ability to repurpose content for different platforms. It's perfect for creators who don't want to get into complex programs like Premiere Pro. (I use it for over a year now) - Stable Diffusion 3 Medium: - Stability AI has open-sourced Stable Diffusion 3 Medium. This model is great for creating consistent text and is available for non-commercial use. - Stable Audio Open: - Stable Audio Open is a new tool for creating sound effects and background sounds. It's fully open-sourced and available on Hugging Face. I found it very useful for video editing. - Asana AI Teammates: - Asana has introduced AI teammates to assist with task and project management. These AI assistants can handle requests, gather information, assign tasks, and help with client research and reporting. - Suno AI Update: - Suno AI now allows you to upload audio files and generate songs. I tried it out but had some trouble replicating their social media results. However, it's a promising tool worth exploring. - Personalized MidJourney: - MidJourney has introduced a new personalization parameter that tailors image generation based on your preferences. It's fantastic for creating unique styles based on your previous ratings. - Google’s Illuminate: - Google has launched Illuminate, a tool that condenses academic papers into conversational summaries. It's a great way to grasp complex subjects quickly and effectively.
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Luma Labs just launched Dream Machine, a new AI model that can generate high-quality, realistic 5-second video clips
Luma Labs just launched Dream Machine, a new AI model that can generate high-quality, realistic 5-second video clips from text and image prompts — and is already available to the public, unlike OpenAI’s Sora. The details: - The model generates 5-second clips from text prompts or a reference image with impressive smoothness, consistency, and camera movements. - Dream Machine is a transformer model trained on video content, allowing for more coherent outputs that better mimic real-world interactions and physics. - Luma says the model can produce 120 frames of video in 120 seconds, though wait times were longer at release with high demand. - The tool launched with a free plan offering 30 video generations, with a paid tier extending to 2,000 outputs per month. Why it matters: While the public still awaits the launch of OpenAI’s Sora, other models like KLING and Dream Machine are already giving users a taste of powerful new capabilities. AI video is taking a massive leap — and each new competitor is raising the bar even higher for when Sora does open to the mass
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@Thad Zylka Thank you, that is really good, things are getting better everyday now.
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@Thad Zylka No thanks, I gave that up around 65 years ago, when I found out you had to buy a movie camera to do it, so I started buying trucks instead, a lot more fun.
ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free
ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free on Hugging Face, that allows users to generate consistent short videos from just two keyframe images. Step-by-Step: 1. Visit the Hugging Face ToonCrafter page. 2. Upload two keyframe images (a starting and an ending one). For better results, these images should be of the same character or scene with slight variations. 3. Describe the action in the prompt field. 4. Adjust settings to your liking and click “Generate” to create your video.
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@Thad Zylka Thank you, now I have to try and find more time to get to look at these. LOL
Replicate’s new model allows you to create images
Replicate’s new model allows you to create images of a specific character in different poses with just a single image. Step-by-Step: 1. Visit the new “consistent-character” model in Replicate and log in with your credentials. 2. Upload a clear image of the character you want to generate. 3. Fill in the prompt with character details, set the number of outputs, and choose your image format. 4. Click “Run” and let Replicate do the magic. Hot tip: Keep the "Randomize Poses" option enabled to explore different poses for your character.
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@Thad Zylka Thank you for that, I did not know what that did until now, very useful.
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