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This Weekends Special Deal Is . . . BetterPrompts - UPDATED.
To quote: We are almost ready to launch 5 Dollar Friday 2.0(the version) And, We are busting our humps to make sure that the orginal( version) goes out with a bang So... We need a bit more time to launch this weekends deal which will include 2️⃣ super powered Ai Tools for the lowest cost available anywhere 😎 PLUS... You'll all get the special opportunity to join a new Platinium & Diamond membership rewards program. ~Enjoy Will update as soon as I get the email
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Apologies for the delay in posting, but i still haven't received an email with this weekends details . . . . . but I just got an email off someone who is a $5 Friday affiliate with the link: Gain Access to Over 16,000 New Prompts That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity, Propel Business Growth, and Automate Your Marketing Efforts by 10X Instantly Unlock The Latest & Improved ChatGPT Prompts Bundle That You'll Ever Need $5 - BetterPrompts Gold $30 - BetterPrompts Platinum (inc Gold?) In the video, the Betterprompt Gold is advertised as FREE, and the Platinum for $27, which includes the Gold. Bit confusing. The video is worth watching, as it shows examples of the prompts. He has offered these prompts before, but is offering them again due to the number of new customers he has gained since then, and because they have been updated. There's no bonuses offered or a timer for when it ends, but I presume it's the usual time. Sunday 16th June 00.00 (EDT) + 04.00 Monday 17th June (GMT) Thanks
ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free
ToonCrafter is an AI tool available for free on Hugging Face, that allows users to generate consistent short videos from just two keyframe images. Step-by-Step: 1. Visit the Hugging Face ToonCrafter page. 2. Upload two keyframe images (a starting and an ending one). For better results, these images should be of the same character or scene with slight variations. 3. Describe the action in the prompt field. 4. Adjust settings to your liking and click “Generate” to create your video.
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Another interesting post, thanks again.
Luma Labs just launched Dream Machine, a new AI model that can generate high-quality, realistic 5-second video clips
Luma Labs just launched Dream Machine, a new AI model that can generate high-quality, realistic 5-second video clips from text and image prompts — and is already available to the public, unlike OpenAI’s Sora. The details: - The model generates 5-second clips from text prompts or a reference image with impressive smoothness, consistency, and camera movements. - Dream Machine is a transformer model trained on video content, allowing for more coherent outputs that better mimic real-world interactions and physics. - Luma says the model can produce 120 frames of video in 120 seconds, though wait times were longer at release with high demand. - The tool launched with a free plan offering 30 video generations, with a paid tier extending to 2,000 outputs per month. Why it matters: While the public still awaits the launch of OpenAI’s Sora, other models like KLING and Dream Machine are already giving users a taste of powerful new capabilities. AI video is taking a massive leap — and each new competitor is raising the bar even higher for when Sora does open to the mass
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Thanks Thad, another interesting post and one to try out.
Some eBay Advice, Please
I listed 2 matching pieces of furniture yesterday as a private sale, and got a question a few hours later asking how much I wnted - despite putting a starting price on the auction. after a 2nd request I told them to make a bid & they returned with an offer 50% above the start price. What do you think their game is, & should I accept this (only) offer or let the auction run the full 10 days in the hope of getting more? T.I.A. for your help
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You can put in a counter offer, i.e. more than what they've offered, but less than what you're willing to accept. It's quite common for people to do what they've done. It would help if you knew the current 2nd hand value of what you're selling so you can make a better decision. You could try doing a search on ebay for your item, or similar, and see what comes up. If you do search, make sure you tick the 'Sold' option under the 'Show Only' section, bottom left ( see image). The results are for (I think) for the last 30 days. Sold items are the ones with prices in Green . Thanks.
The $15,000 Pinterest Secret: How Everyday People Are Making Money on This Platform
While everyone’s buzzing about Instagram and TikTok as the money-making machines of social media, I’m here to spill the tea on Pinterest — the under-rated, highly caffeinated platform that can fuel your bank account. Don’t get me wrong, those other platforms are powerhouses, but Pinterest boasts over 450 million active users every month, which is a goldmine waiting to be tapped.
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Have clicked the link and the Medium page is active, what site has been removed if not the Medium page? Thanks.
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