Dad, medic, runner
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Strategic investor, mentor & business owner
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Teacher by day; skills trainer by night 🟣 AMB Basketball 🟣 Certified Skills Enhancement Trainer I’m Possible
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Melbourne, Australia
NYC resident. Want to be runner with some triathlon experience.
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Love running, hiking, and biking. Health coach.
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I am an average runner who loves to run and workout.
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Tony Farr
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I am from Sligo North West of Ireland and I just started with the Mastery Program. My goal is to run a marathon in a year time, finish and enjoy it.
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Started running at 40! I look forward to learning from all of you!
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Just a MeeMaw trying to get fit and get a qualifying time for Boston (at some point)!
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Late to running. From starting with 5ks in 2016 to 4 marathons since 2018. Training for Dublin, Ireland marathon end October.
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Hope to do it in OCT
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I’ve been running since 2016 & I’ve done 6 full marathons so far. As a Nurse Practitioner, I juggle between two jobs, family, running & gardening.
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I'm 47 and like to run and cycle some times per week 1-2 hours in the dunes and nature. I did half or full marathons and would like to become faster.
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I run on the road, trails and mountains. I practice and lead mindful running in all aspects of my life and am committed to and promote the 9mileway.
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Wilmslow, United Kingdom
I've been running for 10 years, now I'm at an age where maintaining health and staying fit has highest priority.
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Run marathons, invest, cook, photos, vacation, engineer
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Running store owner, runner for life.
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Vero Beach, Florida
Retired Medical Laboratory Scientist. Love to read walk and trying to get back to running. I used to love running and want to renew that.
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Older Runner
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About 5-6 marathons under my belt including a PR at Boston. Looking to adapt this program to 1/2 marathons and shorter races.
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Saugatuck, MI
I'm a sawyer and work with my husband. Love being outdoors. Love running
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Im completed 7 marathons including the majors. Run is my passion
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Loves running, coffee and good food!
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Work hard play hard
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San Diego Dad
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San Diego, CA
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