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Sydney Marathon
Thank you thank you thank you! Your wonderful program got me strong through the Sydney marathon on a terribly hot day. I felt wonderful until the end, not that it wasn't hard, but there was not one second that I didn't want to run. And I got a 22 minute PB too!
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22 Minute PB?? Congratulations!
CHR Test went great!
I was able to continue strong through the end of 2 minutes at 15kph. I tried to accelerate up to 16kph but there wasn't anything left :-) My HR hit 170, and my calculated MHR is 147. I have been training primarily at low HR for 3 years. I am looking forward the next 9 weeks, and making this transition to a new way of running. Thanks @Marlies Kort and @Baz Zwaan for accepting me into the The 9Mile Marathon 👊
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ESS For several years I have danced in and out of eating better, but I have never truly committed myself to a permanent change. I still eat too many simple carbs, too much highly processed food, and I don't read the labels closely to see how much sugar has been snuck into almost everything that comes in a bottle, can, box or bag. After finishing the first 2 lessons this week I went out searching the web for some ideas to help myself make some changes I could live with, enjoy, and make stick. My outright sugar cravings are gone very quickly this time, as I have cut out sugars a few times over the past 5-6 years. Sugary soda, fruit juice, ice cream, pastries and sweet breads, cake, pie, cookies, candy, all of these were already pretty minimal so kicking them off the plate completely isn't that hard. But now it is all the other stuff that is hidden or not as easy to kick. I love whole wheat bread for example. And I love whole grain cereals like shredded wheat, grape nuts, wheat chex. I also love oatmeal with just a little honey or pure maple syrup. And I love Kodiak brand whole wheat pancakes. And I really like corn tortillas and tortilla chips. Oh yeah, and whole milk. I also love all kinds of fresh whole fruits. Anyone else like these not-so-evil high carb things? So, I'm digging in hard this week, actually trying to count carbohydrates for the first time ever. With the exception of a little honey here and there I am being super careful to avoid added sugars, and highly processed meats like hot dogs, sausage, etc. Mich like the 3-per-week strength workouts, and the MHR runs, I am already feeling a big difference. Now to stay focused and keep working :-)
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5 Mile "Race" Today is the start of Week 4, Block 2 of the 9MM Training Schedule. After a 0.8 Mile warm up I ran 5 miles as a simulated race. I set my pace the first mile then focused on shaving 5 seconds per mile for a steady progression of negative splits. It went very well and on Mile 5 I cut 15 seconds instead of 5. It has been 20 months since I ran a pace like this (at a race). Everything flowed very well and I was a little surprised at how smoothly it went. For the first three weeks of this 9MM Method I did not attempt any Interval sessions. Just figuring out how to run at MHR was plenty of challenge, and I needed to give my body time to adapt. This week I will try the first Interval session. Everything is set up in my watch, and the intervals for the first session feel very do-able. 3 weeks ago they didn't, but now they do 😀
Oct '23 
This is where the magic happens
So, I think I finally had what I call the breakthrough run. Each time I've trained the 9Miler way, I've had a run that was so much faster than the previous ones that I knew I had made a breakthrough. As all of the other times, I'll do a few more MHR runs before I'm completely sure that I'm able to run faster at MHR, but this is probably it. I'm especially encouraged by the fact that I was more tired than usual for this run because I went for what was meant to be a super easy bike ride yesterday and overdid it a bit. It was still a pretty easy ride, but it was certainly more than I intended. So, two days after my longest MHR run so far in training for Hampsterwheel and one day after an overdone 'recovery' ride, I posted a much faster run at MHR. This is a very good sign. It is just in time, too, because I only have 7 more training runs (not counting easy taper runs) before the race.
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Keep it up Rob. You got this. I like Marlies' 3 Rules; Run at your MHR 9 Miles MAX Do the WORK
Yorkshire Marathon
Hi all, my name is David Maddison and on Sunday 15th of October at the age of 64 I ran a lifetime PR in the York marathon in the UK 🇬🇧. My time was 3:43:50 which qualifies me for the Boston marathon as a “good for age runner”. This was only possible due to following the training plan set out by Marlies and Baz. They showed me that by adding in intervals, spinning, gym session and core work together with removing the old school super long runs and replacing these with 9 mile runs that I would be fresh on race day and significantly improve my time. They also showed me how to run at MHR to get the very best efficiency during the marathon. Both Marlies and Baz are Brilliant coaches and if you follow the plan I can assure you it works. Boston here I come 🎉🎈🎊👍😂
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Fantastic! You bettered the qualifying time by more than 6 minutes. You must be thrilled. Thanks for the inspiration!
I did it!
Two years of training with Marlies and Baz, one year of triathlon training and I just completed my first full distance Ironman in epic Barcelona! Was a once in a life time experience and maybe the best day of my life. These two are fantastic trainers and I went into this feeling prepared and ready for whatever the day would bring. It’s amazing feeling knowing what the body can accomplish but I’m not finished yet. There are so many more bright opportunities on the horizon…. Let’s go!
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Epic! What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations Bethany.
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