Discontinue SKOOL
Attention to all 9Milers on SKOOL.
We are reaching out to inform you about some important updates regarding our services. It is crucial that you read this announcement thoroughly to ensure you are well-informed.
Thank you for your attention.
This summer we started to use SKOOL as our 9Mile Marathon community platform.
We have found that the SKOOL community platform does not meet our needs effectively. The SKOOL platform has a closed structure, which limits its functionality. Additionally, the Skool platform lacks widespread recognition, and our students encounter difficulties when it comes to creating and accessing their accounts.
As a result, we have decided to discontinue our collaboration with Skool.
In the past few weeks, Baz and I have re-created our 9Milers Community which we would like to introduce to you today. Our community now runs on our Youtube Channel. You can access our new Youtube Channel with the new 'Community' tab here:
On our Youtube channel, you will also find dozens of free 9Mile Marathon training videos and YouTube ‘Shorts’ with lifestyle updates from me and Baz in person.
So please visit our Youtube Channel (CLICK HERE) and Subscribe. It is IMPORTANT to Subscribe - you will then get automated notifications and updates about what's going on in our 9Miler community.
IMPORTANT! We will NOT publish our full training course program on the public Youtube Channel. Please send an email to 9milemarlies@the9milemarathon.com if you want to stay informed about the services regarding the full training program we are going to offer in the near future.
Our 9Mile Marathon MASTERY students do not have to do anything - they have lifetime access to our complete resources platform anyway (outside SKOOL) and our personal 1:1 services are continued as ever!
If you have any questions regarding the above changes, please feel free to reach out to us via the above email address!
Marlies and Coach Baz
The 9Mile Marathon
PS. Below some 9Mile Marathon Youtube Channel snapshots with a shorts, the channel homepage and training videos
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