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Revealing the mystery client
For the past few weeks I've been talking about a big deal with a consulting business ran by an 8-figure entrepreneur.
They realised that, whilst they were making $1,000,000+ with ads, it wasn't the optimal play long-term.
So I was brought on board to create world-class content, hire an incredible highly-leveraged content team, and build them a big organic audience.
I've been pretty mysterious about who the client is...
But now that our first video is live, it's time for the grand reveal.
Ever wondered what powers the brains of the world's most productive people?
What defines the cognition of those who’ve accomplished history’s greatest feats — whether it’s Einstein while solving for his Theory of Relativity, Sam Altman coding ChatGPT or Marie Curie conducting her pioneering research on radioactivity?
The answer... is Flow State.
And let's just say the client I've been working with is no beginner in how to access flow state.
The client is Flow Research Collective, and the 8-figure entrepreneur is Rian Doris (who happens to be the new founder of
They're the global leader in peak performance research and training.
And having worked with clients at Google, Navy Seals, and F1... And reading 10,000+ research papers on flow state...
They've developed a four part system for unlocking insane focus on command, using the flow state.
Click here to watch the video, and then comment below what you think!
It's a very exciting day for me :)
EDIT: Analytics after 20 days attached. Not bad for a first video!
Andrew Kirby
Revealing the mystery client
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