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I closed a $300,000 deal. Here's how:
A while ago I was stoked to share with you the most money I'd ever made in a day.
So you can only imagine my reaction when just a few months later I closed a deal more than triple the size.
$300,000! From one client! What a time to be alive.
In this post I want to cover:
  • What was the deal?
  • Lessons it's taught me
  • How you use those lessons to make more money
I signed an NDA, so here are all the details I'm comfortable giving. Feel free to make guesses at what the company is in the comments.
  • 8-figure info-business
  • Productivity niche
  • Makes it's money through ads
  • Believes in my thesis that investing in content produces the highest ROI, just the time-horizon is longer than other investments like ads
  • Wants to go from (pretty much) 0 to 500,000 subscribers in a year
  • Wants to go from (pretty much) $0/m from content to $1m/m from content in a year
  • Comes to me and pays me to maximise the likelihood of goal being achieved. And, thanks to a few unfair advantages they have, I think it's possible. If we can pull it off it'll be the case-study of the century. And even if we just get 1/10th of the goal, they'll still see a huge ROI.
  • If you're trying to guess the company, they lie in the overlap between Sam Ovens and Deep Work
Lesson 1:
3 years ago I made a video called "This Graph Changed My Life"
In the video I make the argument that every action you take is far more important than it seems on the surface.
Going to the gym once doesn't change anything. But going to the gym once increases the likelihood you'll go again, because of habit formation. And maybe because you went to the gym you're feeling more energised for an interview the next day which makes you 1% better but that 1% better puts you above the competition and you get the job. Or maybe you meet the girl of your dreams at the gym.
The point I was trying to make is simple.
For every action you take there is a reaction.
But there is also a reaction TO THE reaction.
And a reaction to the reaction to the reaction, and so on.
Seemingly minor decisions lead to major outcomes.
And It's impossible to fully understand the gravity of your decisions until years later.
When I started making videos on YouTube I talked about Stoicism, personal-development, and productivity.
I thought that if I continued to share my lessons then I could grow an audience, and I could sell something to that audience to continue on my journey to financial freedom.
I had ZERO IDEA that the thing that would make me the most money was not the things I was talking about on the video, but the meta-skill of learning how to grow an audience.
In hindsight... Every video I uploaded. Every rep I put in.... Was probably 10x more valuable than I realised, because of the unintended side-effect of me learning how to build an audience.
If only I could go back and tell that to myself. It would've made the journey so much easier. So much doubt would've been removed.
But I can sit here and wish, or I can just pass the lesson on to you.
Because every action has a byproduct so much greater than you can see - you're making so much more progress than you realise.
As a result, there's only one thing for you to do.
JUST KEEP PUSHING, and let time do it's thing.
My plan initially was to detail all the lessons learned into this one post. But adding more lessons takes away from the weight of the above lesson.
Andrew Kirby
I closed a $300,000 deal. Here's how:
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