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Lesson from 8 figure entrepreneur
Remember how I closed that 300k deal?
That involves hanging around with the CEO of the company, an 8-figure entrepreneur. He's a beast.
Part of my role is hiring A-Players to scale his YouTube.
So I was on a de-briefing call to talk about who I thought was one of our ‘best candidates’.
“That candidate is weak, Andrew.
They’re weak because they don’t have the proper speech patterns.”
Proper speech patterns? WTF.
Our call ended before I was able to dig deeper…
I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said.
I NEED to know the answer. I want to be an A-Player. And I know you are who you surround yourself with, so I NEED to be able to SPOT A-Players.
So right when our next call started, I asked him what speech pattern do A-players possess?
He paused. Thought for 10 seconds.
“It’s just about being concise.
That’s the differentiator between an A-player and everyone else.”
And it made so much sense to me…
Rambling is an indicator of poor, unclear thoughts.
Clear thinking leads to clear speaking.
C-players are unclear.
A-players are concise.
Andrew Kirby
Lesson from 8 figure entrepreneur
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