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The Brutal Truth About Self-Improvement
I still remember how it started... It was 7 years ago. I'd just finished a normal day of college. I opened up my laptop. Typed "Y". Clicked enter. And was brought to my daily escape: YouTube. My eyes flicked between the 12 videos that appeared at the top of my homepage. I sighed... The usual... - Gaming videos. - Vlog channels. - Memes. Only this time, one video stood out. The title was: "The Truth About Success - Why You Should Rather Die Than Miss A Day In The Gym" "Damn..." I thought to myself "What on earth is this? It sounds... toxic" I hovered the cursor over the video. Hesitated. Then... *CLICK* // And that was the start. I was hooked. The YouTube algorithm presented me the rabbithole, and I dived in head first. I spent thousands of hours consuming. Anything self-improvement related, count me in. Tony Robbins. 48 Laws of Power. How To Win Friends and Influence People. RSD. Improvement Pill. Clark Kegley. Think and Grow Rich. // But no matter how much I consumed, nothing changed. No matter how much I tried to "improve myself", everything in my life stayed the same. This was painful. When you promise yourself "tomorrow will be different". And then tomorrow rolls around and it's the exact same, you start to lose trust in yourself. "What's wrong with me?" "Why can't I do even the most basic things?" "I know I could be so much more. Why am I so weak?" // As this kept happening I started to notice a pattern. A pattern that when truly understood reveals the brutal truth about self-improvement. Here's the pattern: - I'd watch a self-improvement video that would convince me I needed a habit e.g. meditation - I would promise myself I was going to stick to the habit - I'd do it for a day or two, then I'd fail - I would beat myself up, and think there was something wrong with me - Then the pattern would repeat again and again The problem became clear: There wasn't something wrong with me... There was something wrong with how I viewed self-improvement
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The Brutal Truth About Self-Improvement
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Damn Andrew, that is really valuable, thanks. I also figured this out and threw some habits out, and guess what? My life improved! Why? Because I didn’t have the problems so I was just doing things I didn’t have motivation for, more like a slur. I hope everyone who needs this sees this
📈 The MOST important thing to grow on YouTube
I am the most stupid person ever. But luckily, I know that. So I learn every day to become less stupid, and I will share all the lessons with you along the way. That's why you are here anyway :) So.. what did I do wrong this time? I made boring videos. No, they were not boring. The topics were boring. If I was some random guy on YouTube, and I saw my own video, I wouldn't click on it. Why? Because the title was bad? Because the thumbnail was bad? Because the video was bad? Nope. The title, thumbnail and video itself were great actually. I had an average watch time of 3 minutes per video. The problem was that the topic was boring. I learnt this the hard way so you don't have to anymore. Choose interesting topics. What is the biggest lesson out of this mistake and how to conquer this? Ask people! Go to three active guys in your community, or in your YouTube comments whatever, and just ask them. Just ask them. "Yooo I am planning to make those videos, I am actually scripting them right now but I just wanted to know if you would click on them. Are these interesting topics? Just tell me if it isn't, be harsh please" I didn't do this and that's why I ended up with 20 views per videos. Afterwards, I got the harsh feedback from some masculine guys and they basically told me that the topics were super boring. Like, the video was nice, amazing edits (thanks my brudda @Haseeb. Pathan.) and a clickable thumbnail! But.. the topic was boring. That's why no one clicked. Boring topics. So that's a lesson that I learned the hard way and that's also the advice I want to give you. Go to some serious/masculine guys and just ask them what they think. Would they click on this video? What kind of thumbnail should it be? It's not illegal to ask for feedback lol. It could literally change the trajectory of your life because the video went viral and now you have 15 extra paid students/clients. You might literally be able to retire your parents just because you spent the next few weeks asking for feedback from your friends. Stop being stupid like I was, and get out of your comfort zone.
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@Robbie Bhangal Haha I'm mentally healthy, otherwise I wouldn't say this. Just raising the barrier for myself! I like to search for the perfect formula
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@Joel Gill Look on my channel haha, it’s about the ‘quit self improvement’ videos.
Ready to play a game? I've sold 10 different offers online. Read through them and see if you spot the pattern. The first was a journaling MP3 player for $7. The second was a journaling course for $17 The third was a goal setting course for $47 The fourth was 1 on 1 breakup coaching for $499 The fifth was 1 on 1 procrastination coaching for $999 The sixth was group procrastination coaching for $999, but increased to $1,800, $2,800, then $3,800 The seventh a YouTube mastermind for $4,999 The eighth was a business mastermind for $6,800 The ninth was DFY YouTube for $20,000/month. I also sold it for $100,000/year, then $300,000/year The tenth was DFY Monetization for a 30% rev split, which I predicted would be over $300,000/year Notice the pattern? Here it is: Every new offer I increased my prices. Why? Because I learned a simple but powerful lesson: The more you charge, the more you make. // Now, this obviously isn't always true. But in the online education / digital services space, which all of us are making our money, it's generally true. Especially if you don't have a big audience. // This is because things in this space are very price inelastic. Price Inelastic = a change in price causes a smaller percentage change in demand. Meaning demand hardly changes if you increase price from $50 to $5,000. So as you increase your price, you'll make more money, because demand doesn't decrease much. So let's compare the two options: Low-Ticket Vs High-Ticket. // LOW TICKET The math is not mathing. You want to make $10,000/month. You sell something for $10. You need to sell 1,000 per month - very hard. If your sales page conversion rate is 4%, you'd need 25,000 visits every month. And if 10% of your viewers check out your sales page, you'd need 250,000 monthly views. Very very tough. VS HIGH TICKET You want to make $10,000/month. You sell something for $1,000. You only need to sell 10 per month - pretty easy.
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@Joshua Murray Yes, you mentioned both options that I applied: - Help 3 clients for free first, in exchange for testimonials. - Once you have solid testimonials, you can launch your paid offer and just guarantee money back guarantee within 14 days. Why would anyone buy your offer if you yourself isn't even convinced by the quality? I am so convinced that I have a great offer that I will give them the option to refund, because I know they won't. It's an amazing product.
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@Joshua Murray Just start. You offer them money back guarantee so literally nothing can go wrong. Slide in my DM if you need more help :)
Feedback on my product description
My name is Steven and I joined this community, because I heard great things of a friend of mine who already joined it a while ago. I'm 30 years old and I started a youtube channel in january of this year, named Dopamine-Masculinity. I have 156 subs right now, an average video gets 200 views. Why dopamine and Masculinity? - Dopamine: I was one of the first of my generation to cut out all the crap. I deleted all my socials years ago, cut out porn and video gaming completely, got myself a focus box for my phone, have almost 0 screen time a day. Besides of that I've read many scientific papers and books about dopamine. I know exactly how people can recover faster from any addiction (because the root cause is 9 out of 10 times in dopamine). - Masculinity: I've read a lot about true masculine traits and tried many things in my life regarding emotion control, goals setting, productivity, cutting out toxic people, becoming tough, weightlifting and even a lot of fighting (not on the streets to be clear). Also had blood work done and my testosterone is 1030 nmol which is pretty good for a 30 year old. I thought about my product and came up with this: I help men to destroy (online) addictions, so they can develop true masculinity without being feminized by modern media. Do I need to niche this down even more and make it more measurable, for example something like this: I Help men to bring their screen time back to 1 hour a day and raise their testosterone levels with 200 nmol. The 2nd question I have: Is there enough space in this specific niche to make a good amount of money. It's really my passion to talk endlessly about the topic and help other people in life. With other words, if you saw something like this, would you be interested in buying anything from me? And what would be a good form, a free skool community with a paid coaching option for example? Let me know your thoughts!
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I would focus on one thing first, so the phone screen time. You will only scare people away if you try to also do testosterone at the same time. And yes, there is a lot of money in this niche. Just make sure you constantly make videos like: - How to reduce your screen time easily - 5 easy tricks to reduce screen time - How reducing screen time made me healthier Bla bla bla
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@Steven Zoeteman The beautiful thing is: once they are your clients, you can still give them advice about other things than your specific niche. If he randomly asks you about other things you could still help him ofc. So, yes, you attract them by staying close to your niche. But.. you can help them with everything if they’d like to.
Free Q&A for next 30 mins
Go ↓ EDIT: That was fun! For anyone who missed the Q&A, it's still worth reading the comments. Some interesting things about: - how to keep a group engaged - how to find market resonance - niching down on YouTube - overcoming imposter syndrome with testosterone
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Should I create a second medium-ticket paid community for the ambitious guys that want to start making their First $ Online? They can’t afford high ticket ($499+) because the whole reason they are in there is.. they don’t have money. You are also allowed to call me out if you think I should still try to coach high ticket and ditch the community for now.
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