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Impact + Income + Fun
🎉 WTF! Two THOUSAND Synthesizers 🎉
The post I made for 1,000 synthesizers introduced the severe Disjointed Knowledge Problem. And how the Synthesizer Revolution is here to fix it.
But I've never fully discussed why I'm MADLY in love with Synthesizing.
Put simply, I love Synthesizing because it's the best thing I know at giving me what I want.
Impact, income, and fun.
We're all playing the Great Online Game.
In this game there are many characters you can play.
  • YouTuber
  • Consultant
  • Agency Owner
  • Influencer
  • Coach
  • Dropshipper
  • Entrepreneur
Each character has strengths, each has weaknesses.
But there's one that I believe is the best...
You see, in any game there's a META. In everything I do, I enjoy finding the META more than I enjoy playing the game! (See first image).
And if you’re optimising for impact, income, and fun… Then the current META is being a Synthesizer.
Here’s why:
Humans are desiring machines.
"I want to be rich."
"I want my back to stop hurting."
"I want a pony."
We are constantly trying to move from Where We Are Now to Where We Want To Go.
We call the things that hold us back ‘Problems’.
Impact is created by helping people solve their Problems.
And... you guessed it...
That's EXACTLY what Synthesizers do.
Therefore making massive impact.
And there's one word in the above sentence that separates the Synthesizer from other characters like the entrepreneur, consultant, or agency owner.
PUBLICLY share solutions.
Other characters solve problems. But only for a hefty fee.
Synthesizers leverage free content to impact millions.
SIDE NOTE: The side effect of this is building a large loyal audience (which actually allows you to sell more. Funny... Give more - get more).
Notice how everyone is slowly starting to create Content?
  • Entrepreneurs like Alex Hormozi now have Content at the core of their business
  • Investors like Naval Ravikant utilise Content more than ever
  • Agency owners like Iman Gadzhi, and Consultants like Sam Ovens have stopped running ads. And have put content at the core of their strategy.
Even Ali Abdaal, Hamza, me.
We're all Synthesizing...
For some characters the Great Online Game, there is a huge difference between impact and income.
An agency owner can get to $10k/month helping ecom companies scale. But what impact is created? Is anyone brought to tears by the art they’ve created?
Luckily, for Synthesizers impact and income are closely linked.
The more impact they make, the more income they make.
Just because a Synthesizer shares solutions publicly, doesn't mean they don't get paid.
Synthesizers give away information, and sell implementation.
Synthesizers often have high-ticket products that more deeply help their most committed audience members.
People pay to solve their problems.
Synthesizers help people solve their problems.
You do the Math.
Naval said to get rich you need leverage, accountability, and specific knowledge.
Unlike other characters (like the Agency Owner, Dropshipper, Consultant, and Entrepreneur) Synthesizers do not have high expenses.
They have juicy profit margins.
Which makes it easier to stack cash and reach financial freedom.
It took me around 3 years to reach Financial Freedom through Synthesizing.
But to be honest, even if I made $0 I would still Synthesize.
For some reason it is just SO fun to me.
If you're the kind of person that loves learning.
Who craves the feeling of an 'aha moment'.
Who is constantly trying to solve their own problems.
Who has deep obsessions with certain topics.
And who would LOVE to spend all day diving deeper.
Then you'll love Synthesizing. In fact, you're probably already a Synthesizer in some way in your life.
Synthesizers have niche fame.
Which has all the benefits of fame, with none of the downsides.
And because impact and income is so related, Synthesizers wake up every morning fuelled with purpose.
You making a real impact. People message you telling you how they've transformed their life. You see hundreds of comments of people thanking you.
Real. Positive. Impact.
All by solving your own problems... And then publicly sharing the solutions...
All by Synthesizing.
Alone I was weak. I tried to make content that actually brought value, instead of just looking pretty.
But now we have almost 2,000 members doing their part to add to the body of knowledge.
I think we could be at the start of something truly beautiful. Something really magical.
Something that could really make a dent in the universe. Seriously.
It's clear I'm in love with Synthesizing. It changed my life.
So if you're already Synthesizing, double down. We're at such a unique point in history. The opportunity in front of us (for impact, income, and fun) is huge. We have to take it whilst we can.
And if you're not already Synthesizing, why?
Thank you. I'm deeply grateful for this community.
If you would like help implementing this model, you may quality for Synthesizer University.
Andrew Kirby
Impact + Income + Fun
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