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A few months ago something clicked in my head, and I understood the severity of the 'disjointed knowledge problem'.
I recall painful years of grind and struggle, trying to avoid the shitty life I was on the trajectory towards. Yet no matter how hard I tried, I made no progress. It felt like something was stopping me.
I now see that the thing stopping me wasn't external. It was internal.
I didn't have the knowledge needed to understand which causes would lead to the effect I so desired. That caused me to waste a lot of time making no progress.
And I can see clear pivot points in my life after consuming certain pieces of content. There's an obvious before/after, once someone had imparted their knowledge onto me.
So why is there not a better, more efficient way to provide life-changing knowledge to the right people at the right time!?
The internet has provided us the technology needed for this to happen. If someone knows the solution to a problem that I have, and the internet has provided the tech needed for that solution to be shared, WHY do I not know about it?
Why are there billions of people suffering from problems that have simple solutions?
I tried playing my part to solve this by creating my own YouTube channel. If it took me 10 months to learn a lesson, and I could share that with people in 10 minutes, what more value can I bring to this earth?
But I soon realised that I was not enough. I don't know everything. In fact, I possess an infinitesimally small amount of the world's knowledge.
That's why I created Synthesizer Skool.
And I'm incredibly excited to announce we've just hit 1,000 members.
Together, we have an absurd amount of power. And if we leverage that power in the right directions, I really believe we can make some magic.
This might sound too hypey, but The Synthesizer Revolution is here!
EDIT: We've now hit 2,000 members! Read my post about it here: https://www.skool.com/synthesizers/impact-income-fun
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