VO Booth for under $100

I absolutely love the Snap Studio Earl shared with us in the past AMA sessions. Unfortunately, I can't put up a studio no matter what its size is where I live, but I love exploring the options for when I move to a place where I can!

(I am caretaker for my beloved 82 year old Mother that has recovered from cancer / chemo/ radiation over the last year and half and live in a home with 3 other people lol. Absolutely love them all but I am looking forward to getting back to living alone in my own space! lol)

In the meantime, for those that are looking for cost-efficient options, I am sharing a few links/videos that I hope you find helpful...

Except for the first youtube link, all the links below are those that I emailed myself looking for options that might work in my current living environment, which will only allow for a studio arrangement on a desktop that I can put up and take down off the desktop after each and every recording session.

Some of these options might require putting up some acoustic panels inside the desktop arrangement.... And if that's the case, maybe just using cushions and a blanket might work just as well!

If I could put up a studio in my home, I would hands down go with the snap studio and be done with it! lol (Here is Earl's Amazon Affiliate link for the Snap Studio: https://amzn.to/3FJHlmS)


VO Booth under $100 (Home Depot will cut the PV pipes to my preferred size):


Desktop Booth with Head Hood - $425 (snap studio is $499 but only 3x3, so I can't fit over the desk)

VOMO -Portable – Voice Over MObile Audio Recording Booth. – VocalBoothTo...

Acoustic Sound Blankets - $55 each

Acoustic Sound Blankets Producer’s Choice: Size 80″ x 80″ – VocalBoothT...

https://www.versare.com/tabletop-display/ -

Folding Tabletop Display

Looking for a pop-up display partition? ✓ Browse our selection of desktop privacy panels that can transform any ...


Furniture Blankets with Grommets - Amazon - 80"x96"


SoundSorb™ Desktop Privacy Panels

Looking get some more privacy at your desk? ✓ Browse our selection of desktop privacy panels that can transform ...

$49 each, beige with desk clip (add acoustic panels)

Acoustic Desktop Workstation - Acoustics America

Our Acoustic Privacy Workstation is an ideal solution for speech clarity in offices, conference rooms or anywher...

$79 (add acoustic panels)

Flex T Stand - $99 - best option as it will let me wrap around my desk and I can make it any size.


Great Articles for making cost efficient home studios:





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