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"Unlock Your Hidden Talent: Become A Voice Actor In Just 4 Steps!"
Are you ready to unlock your inner voice and become a professional voice actor? This video will help you discover the secrets to becoming a successful voice actor in just four easy steps. Find out how to access a wealth of opportunities, develop the required skills, prepare for auditions, and land your first gig. Unlock your hidden talent today and take your first steps toward becoming a professional voice actor! GRAB THE BOOK HERE #UnlockYourTalent #VoiceActingJourney #BecomeAVoiceActor #HiddenTalentUnleashed #4StepsToSuccess
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Unlock The Secret to Building Your Dream Voice Over Career!
WELCOME! To Steps To Voice Over Success
This community is for the brand new voice over artist looking to grow. It's a FREE community that actually gives you real access to a professional voice over artist and coach. I'm always thinking how I can do better for you. My community! How can I actually help more and give more? This is why here you will have direct access to me, my free courses, my calendar, weekly FREE live zoom coaching sessions, and more! If you ever felt like you just couldn't get to me or ask me a question or whatever. This FREE voice-over community will allow me to work much closer with new VO's and spend the time I need with people that are just starting this journey. THE GOAL 🔵 Learn the exact path to get started 🔵 Learn what specific mic and setup you need 🔵 Learn how to use your recording software 🔵 Learn how to process your audio 🔵 Learn how to do great voice over Please introduce yourself as you come in! WELCOME!!!
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As new beginnings approach
As we enter the final hours of our time here and as we all are better than when we arrived, I look forward to the future. We have gained tools that will allow all of us to enjoy success as we move onward. No matter where we go , regardless of the manner in which ( the who what when wheres and whys) we will always be here for each other and always share this bond . I personally look forward to the day I watch TV, the radio etc,,and hear each and everyone I've learned here with. I am always here and available for anyone who needs me Wether at the Facebook page, the new Saturday zoom or via email ( Grace and Peace to all...
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The Live Zoom AMA Sessions
This coming Saturday, May 13th will be the final opportunity for everyone to attend the Live AMA sessions that we have been having every Saturday. Also the last day for this group, sadly will be Monday, May 22nd. However, @Michael Ray will be doing an amazing live Zoom session every Saturday at 1 pm EST starting May 20th. I highly encourage everyone to reach out to him for more info and to join Mike and take advantage of his knowledge in the realm of not only audio production but client acquisition as well! Finally, everyone that has access to the Voice Over Domination Course will also have access to all of the live recorded Zoom sessions for the AMA as well. I just added that to the bonus section of that course. If you do not have access to that course you can get more information on that here #GRINDANDDONTQUIT -Earl
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You want to learn about your gear, learn how to edit and process audio, and of course, how to grow your client base. We tackle it all here. Welcome!
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