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As new beginnings approach
As we enter the final hours of our time here and as we all are better than when we arrived, I look forward to the future. We have gained tools that will allow all of us to enjoy success as we move onward. No matter where we go , regardless of the manner in which ( the who what when wheres and whys) we will always be here for each other and always share this bond . I personally look forward to the day I watch TV, the radio etc,,and hear each and everyone I've learned here with. I am always here and available for anyone who needs me Wether at the Facebook page, the new Saturday zoom or via email ( Grace and Peace to all...
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What is the name of the facebook group? I can't find it in search.
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Thanks, Michael! I found it just as you sent the link. I joined!
Today was the last AmA with Earl. Two things. One you will never really know how much you effect a person. Even when you tell them, Earl in the short time I've been with him and the group. I have done more in the short time I've been with him. There aren't enough words in the English language to express the thanks for helping me move forward with my career....Business as a voice over artiest. And two he as said somethings that will be like a hard kick in your stomach. But sometimes you need that person in your life who can tell you what you need to hear so you can move on to do what you really want to do. This was the last one with him, because like the saying goes, he's work was done and it's time to move on. and we will follow him as we work om our own journeys. And he'll be right there look over our shoulders. And whispering a fine point or two. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE. AND AS ALWAYS YOU KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY OF US WE HAVE YOUR BACK .😊
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I've been watching his videos for the past few months, and learned from him. I appreciate him and the things I've learned. I'm sorry I only joined on the tail end of this.
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Oh, I will, Ralph! Thanks!
Here's something some of you may already know. I'm looking to do a video podcast. Mainly about people in the group. I'm looking to prerecord us talking to each other talking about what you were doing before working in voice over. What are you working on know. How and were can people find you if they would like you to work on a prefect they have. Those are the main three things I would like to get out there. Who you are. What you can do. (here you might want to have a clip of you're latest project. Earl pointed out where you shouldn't look for people betting your door down in a week. But long term you might get some one calling you. This is a marathon and this will be playing every time all the time on the net. And we want to let them see us over and over again. That's phase one, Phase two is to make them into shorts. Shorts get plaid more then whole podcast so they get seen more often. And again the more often we are seen the more often we get talked about. If you saw the AmA from 4/08/23. I pointed out a man named Mattress Max. He owns a store in Houston called Gallery furniture. He's also one of the richest men in Texas. Why was I talking about him? Well you have to looking a the AmA to see. But I also heard him speak to HISD Teachers. Were He told his story ( That's for later). But in it he talk about a man in his town who everyone called the tire man, because were ever he went he Wore a tire around him. And ever one laughed at him. But when the needed a tire... Who do you think they thought of. And where do you think they all got their tires from. That's right, the tire man. And Mattress took that Idea and were ever he goes you see Gallery Furniture, on his Benz his 100plus K cigar speed boat. He's got kidd's that are more then likely out of collage. And where do you think they went? Any where they wanted to, because money was no object. I've never seen him in anything but a Gallery Furniture T shirt. And for the thirty years I lived in Houston other Furniture's popped up trying the same thing. I only know of one who made it. So guess what my plan is copy Earl and get us out there before some else does.
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Oh, I see! I've been a teacher for 17 years, teaching music in various levels of education. I've sung in choirs for many years, and people have told me I should use my voice for radio too. I thought that doing voice over would be something that would be exciting and fun, and I could use my voice for helping others. I knew that it would be a lot of work, but I wanted to start doing it after all. It's never too late to start, eh?
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Hi Ralph, sorry for the late answer- I've taught all kinds of types of music- choir, guitar, ukulele, band (flute, clarinet, saxophone, all the brass, etc.) elementary- I've pretty much covered it all. Right now I'm doing K-8 music, and starting to develop a program at a private Christian school in my city.
Happy Mother's Day
To all the ladies in the the Steps to Voice Over Success community, I'd like to wish you all a safe and Happy Mother's Day
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Happy Mother's Day
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Yes, Happy Mothers Day!
My first Commercial Demo complete!
Well, It's done for now, Here's the link to my first Commercial Demo that I'm using to try and get some work! It will probably change as I grow but feel free to drop any constructive criticism if you feel the need to. I look forward to your feedback. Melvin Stewart Commercial Demo 1 - YouTube
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My first Commercial Demo complete!
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Love it, Melvin! It sounded great! Did you get that done through a studio, or did you do it all yourself?
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Nicely done!
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I'm a teacher/singer/musician looking to get into voiceover work. I have a great voice (so people tell me), and I've always wanted to do this!

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