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The Live Zoom AMA Sessions
This coming Saturday, May 13th will be the final opportunity for everyone to attend the Live AMA sessions that we have been having every Saturday. Also the last day for this group, sadly will be Monday, May 22nd. However, @Michael Ray will be doing an amazing live Zoom session every Saturday at 1 pm EST starting May 20th. I highly encourage everyone to reach out to him for more info and to join Mike and take advantage of his knowledge in the realm of not only audio production but client acquisition as well! Finally, everyone that has access to the Voice Over Domination Course will also have access to all of the live recorded Zoom sessions for the AMA as well. I just added that to the bonus section of that course. If you do not have access to that course you can get more information on that here #GRINDANDDONTQUIT -Earl
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Sad to see it coming to a close. I haven't participated to the extent I like but this group has been a bright spot on my path. Earl is a great leader and really good at bringing people to a platform where we all have been able to coalesce. Bringing ideas, experiences and respect has been a large part of what makes this group top tier. We've all fostered a great rapport with Earl and I believe each other. I hope with Michael igniting his flame off Earl's torch, our pathways to success will connect to be illuminated. A big shout out to Bill, Penny, Michael and several others. I pray we all reach the mountain top...however it looks for each of us. Be great good people!
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@Rhonda Foster Thanks Rhonda.
As new beginnings approach
As we enter the final hours of our time here and as we all are better than when we arrived, I look forward to the future. We have gained tools that will allow all of us to enjoy success as we move onward. No matter where we go , regardless of the manner in which ( the who what when wheres and whys) we will always be here for each other and always share this bond . I personally look forward to the day I watch TV, the radio etc,,and hear each and everyone I've learned here with. I am always here and available for anyone who needs me Wether at the Facebook page, the new Saturday zoom or via email ( Grace and Peace to all...
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Michael your efforts and willingness to help are commendable and much appreciated. It's a bitter sweet situation with this chapter closing. However with you doing zoom sessions now it's going to help fill the void. Plus we always have the opportunity to still connect with Earl. Thanks for standing up and taking the mantle for our microcosm in the VO community.
This group
I've been in two other groups in the past. And they tend to fall apart as they are starting up. But this group from day one, I felt that you guys were different. There's a feeling that we all want to help each other grow and succeed both as a voice artist and a business person. And that's very special.
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Bill I completely agreed with your statement. The willingness to learn and become a teacher as well is strong amongst our group. We all have shared and learned together. I'm hoping that we'll all thrive individually but also together as the GADQ FAMILY! Better is coming for us all.
Well here we are , a new month many lessons learned in the previous.. Ups and downs surrounded by victories of all sizes!! So my question to the family is what are your goals for the next 31 days? what would you like to see checked of on your to do and learn list for this month.. **APRIL VO SHOWERS ... BRING MAY VO FLOWERS
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I need to get back in the studio. My 9-5 is eating up my focus. Still I have to make time to do this. I also want to make a new demo.
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@Ralph Toles Well said Ralph 👏🏾
Snap Studio is Now A Sponsor
I am excited to announce that SnapStudio is a sponsor of my The Earl Hall Show. I created this video for them and you guys will be the first to see and hear it! This commercial is simply all about the sound you can produce with this great piece of gear.
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Snap Studio is Now A Sponsor
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Man there he goes again! Earl Hall is now Earl Midas...because whatever he touches becomes the gold standard. Man I really gotta jump in because this is inspiring 🙌🏾. Keep going Earl...folks are watching 👀 your blueprint!
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