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Don't Forget Why you Chose Voiceover in the first place!
Sometimes it’s really fun to just CREATE and SHARE! I hope you take the time to watch the 2 downloads I've attached and I hope they inspire you all over again to use your voice for the betterment of humanity in whatever way you feel called to do so! Here is a 6 min excerpt from a 45 minute video I did back in 2021. I did the audio narration and then learned how to use Premiere Pro doing this video. It took me 2.5 months for the whole thing I had an unexpected gift from doing this – I shared my voice to help make the world a better place and in doing so, it really got me excited about voiceover and creating all over again. The time flew by when creating this video. Sometimes we can get lost in trying to “make money” to survive and lose sight of why we chose to get into voiceover in the first place – which for many is to use our voice to help make our world a better place. It was such a wonderful win-win experience for me creating this – I learned a lot, I got to share my gifts with the world and I had a lot of fun doing it! In case anyone is interested, here’s what I used to create this awesome video: Audio: Audacity and Adobe Audition with Shure SM58 mic and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface; Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro Images: All free on Music: All free music from Youtube Music Library Credits and Motion Graphics/Animation: free MOGRTs (motion graphics templates) files from RoyFx I hope you watch this video and are inspired and re-ignited about how fun it is to create using your voice and share it with the world! P.S. The caption file I included in this post (the 2nd file) has what I found to be a very motivational sharing. I am not religious (I am more metaphysical in my world view) but still I hope you find the short clip as encouraging as I did. No matter what you are experiencing in life right now, God has got your back! Love, peace and blessings to all! LaTonya
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Thank you so much Greg for the positive feedback! I feel that if we each do what brings US joy, that positive energy filters out into the world and mass consciousness. So I don't have to wait to see if what your doing is helping our world, I KNOW it will be as long as what you're doing feels great to you in the heart. I thank you for being here and lending your voice and gifts to us all! Blessings, LaTonya
New set up pt.2
I like what I've done with the new set yo and love the sound(or lack of). I just edit with Amplify and Waves NS1. So this morning I garb a booklet and started recording. Here it is.
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New set up pt.2
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Sounds great Bill! Yay!
I want to take a second to start this post by saying thank you, these last few months the Saturday ama has helped me grow exponentially as a vo talent.but not just with my vo abilities but with everything, so a glowing endorsement from earl has made me feel I'm more prepared than I thought.Or maybe I knew but needed the push.So allow me to introduc The Well Moderated Q & A . Premiere episode will be June 3rd 2023 at 1 pm est on zoom. (Link to follow as we get to mid may). All questions and comments will be welcomed. Let's continue to grow as a family, let's add as a family. As always with me if I don't know, let's find out together. All my experiences and thinks I've learned through all my tech experiences will be shared.. More to follow but wanted every one to know that I'm here and ready to share and grow..!!! The Well Moderated Q & A W/ Michael w. Ray 1pm on zoom Sat June 3rd
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Awesome Michael! Congrats! Looking forward to it!
Press Release!
Hot off the presses 🤗
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Wonderful Earl! I love how you're always open to new ways to share your gifts to help our world! Bless you! I'll be rootin' for ya all the way!
Want that Voice Domination Course
Where do I find it? Getting ready to take this serious. This is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile now and I'm so glad I have come across @Earl Hall and all of the wonderful people involved in this community. All of you are and have been an inspiration as I begin this journey. I'm new to this and over the last couple of days, I have started practicing. Don't have any of the equipment yet, but I'm going to get there soon. But my motto has always been, just get started until you get what your need. Start the process. Here a couple of things that I just recently did. Human Life as Source Energy Been working on those Canva skills along with voice over work. Canva + TikTok + Twitter + Voiceover 👉🏽 The Art of Love 👉🏽 Human Life As Source Energy 👉🏽 The Uses of Money Leave your thoughts and comments. They are welcomed and appreciated. Just need that encouragement and strong critique. ~ Bro. @Khalil Muhammad
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Want that Voice Domination Course
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Hi Khalil... Great job on all these. I personally didn't hear any pops as I listened thru the first time. My only suggestion would be adding some pauses between your paragraphs. You are laying down some incredible, thought provoking, deep insights and as i listened I found myself being a bit rushed. I wanted a tweeny bit more time to ponder your statement before moving to the next one. I know we don't have lots of time to spare on these short spots, but I feel your adding a 1.5 sec or 2 sec pause here and there will take already fabulous ads to the next level! Also loved how you got your voice sit on top of the music in that perfect balance every time. That's a skill I'm still working on perfecting. Great job Khalil. Sounds like an experienced pro! Blessings, LaTonya
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