Learning not to overprocess my audio
Earl has often shared with us about how less is often MORE when we process our audio.
I have started to learn that lately.
Attached are two files:
  • The first file is my final Demo audio file for Public Service Announcements - re-edited today in 2023.
  • The second audio file is the FIRST file I originally did in 2018 - that first job had way too much processing on it - In that first file, I took my original audio and cut it by -3db from 1200hz to the end in the audio and a bunch of other equipment stuff (thinking I was making it sound better lol). That destroyed my natural voice and added in lots of echo and cut the meat out of my voice.
  • I am posting both as an example of Earl's sharing that we should not overprocess our audio!
  • Hope you found it helpful!
Blessings to all!
LaTonya Harrison
Learning not to overprocess my audio
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