Why you need to join an MMA gym…yesterday
If you already train, obviously, this doesn’t apply to you
some of you have been in the MOA group calls.
Some of you have been in the server.
Some of you are filling out the 1st four steps.
When it comes to women, most men have a “pre-MOA” understanding of social dynamics, social media,
evo-psych pre-selection etc.
Think of all the knowledge you’ve learned and gained by being in the MOA community
Now think about how sorely outmatched anyone who isn’t in the community would be against you,
You have access to places, people and resources that non-MOA’ers don’t have.
The exact same thing goes for fighting.
Most of you don’t know how bad you are at martial arts/self-defense or fighting.
As men we’re expected to be “competent” (not masters) but competent at most things.
On the rare occasion, you find yourself in a real fight, without any training, you would just look embarrassing, even if you managed to win.
You’d look like a baby taking their first steps.
Make this the year you join an MMA gym. Trust me in six months you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll realize how bad you were, and compare yourself to the 99.9% of dudes who’ve never stepped foot in a gym.
Once you step into an MMA gym
Request, your coach beat these three things into you
Head Movement
Dj C
Why you need to join an MMA gym…yesterday
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