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Why you need to join an MMA gym…yesterday
If you already train, obviously, this doesn’t apply to you some of you have been in the MOA group calls. Some of you have been in the server. Some of you are filling out the 1st four steps. When it comes to women, most men have a “pre-MOA” understanding of social dynamics, social media, evo-psych pre-selection etc. Think of all the knowledge you’ve learned and gained by being in the MOA community Now think about how sorely outmatched anyone who isn’t in the community would be against you, You have access to places, people and resources that non-MOA’ers don’t have. The exact same thing goes for fighting. Most of you don’t know how bad you are at martial arts/self-defense or fighting. As men we’re expected to be “competent” (not masters) but competent at most things. On the rare occasion, you find yourself in a real fight, without any training, you would just look embarrassing, even if you managed to win. You’d look like a baby taking their first steps. Make this the year you join an MMA gym. Trust me in six months you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll realize how bad you were, and compare yourself to the 99.9% of dudes who’ve never stepped foot in a gym. Once you step into an MMA gym Request, your coach beat these three things into you Head Movement Footwork Defense
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Actually dating
Ok so idk if this is something im supposed to be saying but ive been thinking of getting back in the dating game but instead of having women want to talk to me its been nothing but guys asking me to get with their wives or if a woman does decide to chat she has like 2 to 5 kids.... its annoying... any advice on how to switch this up and get better quality women?
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Wait, are you doing cold approach?
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@Marcus Thomas to get hogher tier, the only option is cold approach or social circle. Michael Sartain, says dating apps aren’t really useful anymore. Just sent you a message
Is this IG Fixed Score 1-10⬇️
Is this IG ready to start DMing?
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@Vittorio Oratore what’s something you would fix or change?
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@Erik Gardea thanks! Yeah, the more shots I took the better i was getting
IG Comparison, Copy Celebrity But..
I recently started copying the instagram of DJs I want to emulate, however I believe it takes away from my IG and it doesn’t look as good I’ve attached a photo of my current IG along with the one I’m copying Vs My “fix my IG” according to Michael Sartain and Corey chapped Which one should I do?
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@David Mckenna I agree the third one looks better, the DJ is only getting away with his Instagram because he’s already high status
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@Vittorio Oratore agreed, the example DJ is already high status. It doesn’t matter what he posts.
How do I raise my status?
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Get stuff that most people don’t have that’s “shareable” or transferable 1. Physique, most people in America are obese, a strong physique puts you in the 1 percent. And it’s also something you can teach others to get hence transferable. 1. Women’s attention. If you have female friends, or are usually in the presence of women. That’s a social currency, next time you go to the club noticed how many groups of just guys are just standing around or the occasional group of five guys and one girl if you even have two girls with you, and you’re just one guy. Your value skyrockets. It is also transferable, because if you bring another guy into your group, he will receive some of that female attention. 1. Connections. When important men know who you are, even if you’re notorious it ups your social value. This weekend alone, you can meet all the important bartenders, security guards, DJs, photographers, at all the big clubs in your city. The following weekend you could skip the line and walk into the club, dapping up the security guard. You could be backstage with the DJ because you took some good photos for him and shouted him out on social media. And these benefits would be extended to any of your friends.
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