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ANNNDD CANCEL (a quote by Michael Sartain)
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I was pretty spectacle watching this movie last night like most of the early 2000s movies of a rom com or feel good type of movies, but after watching this movie was the total opposite I didn’t expect this movie to be ahead of its times, and if this movies was to be released in the 2023 in theaters it’s would love by men and hated by women and it would be part of the cancel culture, because it drops some deep level truths that would offend most people in 2023. There are red pill moments throughout the movie and some little but not to much blue pill moments at the end, it’s is Barbie movie for men I highly recommend of watching it… lastly Matthew Lillard give his best performance in this film overall it’s a 8/10 his character is most interesting I think you would actually enjoy this one instead of the Barbie. I might be wrong but watch you regret it😎👍
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