T optimization
Hi guys.
I managed to increase my T-levels 100% all natural.
Quick rundown: Focus on lifestyle!
-get to around 15% bodyfat (most of you need to looooose fat)
-build muscle by training at gym for hypertrophy (youtube it)
-go to the gym minimum 3 times per week
-get your steps in! 7k-10k is a good nr
-SUNLIGHT! especially in the winter in a northern climate
-diet - fix it. you know what to eat. dont eat crap. high protein but dont forget FAT. it is essential for T. reduce carbs if you need to decrease kcal. I recommend 1 g fat per kg bodyweight. Yeah I know that doesn leave much kcals for carbs since you are aiming for 1g/lb protein...
-sleep minimum 7h but most need 8-9 if training in the gym alot (which you are). Dont drink caffeine in the afternoon - your sleep quality goes in the sh*tter. cool dark quit room with a GOOD bed, spend that money it is 1/3 of your life.
-REDUCE alcohol and meds(dont die though). dont pop painkillers like candy just because you have a headache.
-it is 2024 are you really still smoking cigarettes?
-reduce stress levels. Looking at you entrepreneurs with small kids. Do LESS things. Do the things you do harder. Dont be in a stressful relationship with a woman (yeah easy to do, I know lol)
-supplements (least important on the list) vit D, omega 3, zinc, magnesium and boron (to start)
After you are 9/10 on above and 45+ years old you can start THINKING about TRT.
Max Villman
T optimization
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