Percieved Status is the Shortcut
Over the last ~1.25 years of following , I have started to realize the layers of complexity that accompany the word "status".
It is now evident to me that "status" is not only crucial to making yourself attractive to the opposite sex, more importantly it gives you leverage to effect change in the world. And that power to effect change in the world is truly the goal.
But the coolest thing I have realized about status is that the perception of status is a fucking shortcut. And even better, the fact we can use social media to warp that perception to benefit us is insane. The leverage social media provides us to demonstrate status, competency and access to scarce resources is absolutely INSANE. And you would be DUMB to not leverage it CORRECTLY
Cool bro, how does this help me?
You have to cultivate your social media AND your inperson persona and brand to make others perceive you in a favorable light. Sidebar : you have to keep the feedback loop open so you can close the loop and make changes to your brand as you get more experience.
Here is my example: My current brand is that I am a socialite with awesome hobbies, beautiful friends, access to exclusive situations and overall success in business and career. Looking like a promoter with tattoos and being at tables for hours with girls twerking is not conducive to my brand even though in reality I am out 4-5 days a week. Thats social media. At social events, my brand is connected socialite and entrepreneur. I also never lead with "I can bring girls". Its not worked well for me in the past, I dont want to look like a promoter. I lead with exclusive events for charity (fundraisers), business and my experience and competency in my industry and how that relates to their work. Now ofcourse when they look at my stories and my IG, they see what I want them to see! But I never lead verbally/ overtly with the girls. If I cant find something to invite them, I am always making introductions or seeding introductions. Sometimes I suggest people to connect with I dont even know. When I meet new girls, the first thing I do is to introduce them to my other girl friends. People who know me in person know I am very charming but to be honest, most of the time I just sit back and let preselection do all the work for me and then I'll come in once she feels comfortable in this new environment of being around my girl friends and then use my charm.
What this does is that it creates a perception of who you are and what value you bring in the world. And that perception is powerful. People start thinking you are a socialite, well connected and someone who is valuable to have around. Example : At a party this week, I ultimately ended up knowing 20-25 people in the room even though I walked in with 3 people and ran into just 10 people I knew. The fact you know other people and were hanging out with attractive women makes it soo easy to just say "hi, I am billy. what do you do in vegas?" And then you get texts like these (See screenshot) and other MOA guys go with you to places and are like "holy shit why is the GM first bumping you and why is that waitress giving you a big hug?" . Its all perception and mere exposure. The other day I sat down with OJ Simpson at a restaurant (I saw him once before but one of my MOA friends pussied out from talking to him lmao) and we started talking and because the staff knew me and was bringing me free shit and fistbumping me, I had 2 girls just pat my shoulder and introduce themselves and I had a guy give me his card and to let him know if I want to ever do a comp at his restaurant. Its literally just perception, I drank a free diet coke that night spent nothing...... I am a nerd not some celebrity....
Its all perception but it works.
Perceived status is still status
Perceived status is the (short-term) shortcut
I still think there is another leveling behaviour/ glass ceiling here that I will learn about soon and will evolve my brand along with it. But this for now, is pretty fun and I am really starting to reap the benefits. Deal flow is warm for everything in life (Rule #3).
Hit me up on IG with any questions : . I dont sell MOA and I am no longer part of it , I just want to offer value back to Mike and this community.
Billy Kumar
Percieved Status is the Shortcut
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