MOA Las Vegas Free Learning Opportunity
The hardest part of MOA is getting started and building momentum
I can help you with that.
I was in MOA from Jan '22 to Q1 '23. You might have seen me in these testimonial videos: and
I have a really busy and technically demanding job, I am an active investor in 2 small businesses and my hobbies are also pretty time-consuming lol.
Meaning - I need help putting together events!
I am looking for someone who is coachable, lives in Las Vegas, and has an optimistic long-term focused mindset. If you can't currently afford MOA (or are in MOA but struggling with making initial progress) this will be a great opportunity to learn how to build your social circle. I will show you IRL exactly what to do, how to put together a great fun event and how to grow your social circle. You will be a part of my social circle so you will be able to bypass the initial hard work of getting the wheel moving and get straight to scaling. I can make connections and arbitrage value, but I need someone to do the work of putting the pieces together and handling logistics. Manpower is my biggest constraint. I am very specific on the quality of people in my network so don't expect us to go out together and fill tables with tourists. Not a great fit if you want to be a promoter (though nothing wrong with that, lots of my friends do this). I want someone who is looking to grow their social circle but also their professional network and build core competency in other areas of their life.
Note, that I am not teaching you anything new or different than what MOA teaches. I am just giving you a platform to do the steps Michael teaches if you are someone who is struggling with giving yourself permission (and helping me do more events while doing so)
If you are interested please DM me on IG :
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Billy Kumar
MOA Las Vegas Free Learning Opportunity
A community for learning high-status networking hosted by Michael Sartain.
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