How to create a high status social network in 25 days
If you’re like most career-focused men, you’ve been putting off meeting high quality women for a long time.
It’s always “I’ll do that when…”, but the goal line keeps moving. This causes you to put it off indefinitely. Maybe deep down you’re avoiding taking action because you feel like you’re not good enough yet, or you need to reach some sort of material success.
But did you know you can date incredible women and make like minded male friends, without any secret sauce?
No need to waste money with dates from dating apps. No need to ruin your sleep going to the dive bar every weekend. No need to feel inauthentic cold approaching strangers.
There’s a genuine way for you to date the women that excite you the most, and simultaneously make friends with influential men that will push you towards success.
In three Fridays from now, imagine walking into an exclusive event with six jaw-dropping women. Everyone in the event wants to meet you. High status men get to know you. Women turn their head wondering who “that guy” is. The next day, your inbox is flooded with messages from women like “it was so great to meet you 😁❤️”
This could be your reality in the next 25 days. This is the real result for Men of Action members, and it’s precisely why we have a special for April before the summer months.
For this month only, our coaches have been instructed to perform a deep dive on your current life situation and give you direct guidance on how to build a high status social life in the next 25 days, completely for free.
To work with us, our coaches must have exceptional results. They started in the same position as you, and have now built a dream social life for themselves with models and high-level connections in their city.
If you want to be “that guy” who dates high-quality women and has high status male friendships, then click the link below and schedule a free coaching call with one of our coaches:
Due to the growth of the Men of Action brand, we can only offer this in April before the explosion of the summer months.
Grant Jordan
How to create a high status social network in 25 days
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