Are IG reels really that important?
I tend to travel a lot for work and stay in hotels and thinking of putting this on reels just to show my lifestyle. However I don't want to have 10 reels or one for each city.... The thing is, with how inexpensive it is to travel and inexpensive some of these locations are I don't see it as special unless the experience is something.
Can you show status through IG Photo's only , I'm not in the mood really to record meals I eat or window isles on planes as I feel it to be generic.
Is there a minimal way I can do this, I don't want 15 reels.. maybe 3-4.
Travel-(Flights & Hotels/Airbnbs), Meals (High Class Meals more expensive that ruth chris), Adventures (Things most people won't get to do.. drive a Lamborghini for a weekend, something you can't just buy a ticket to get into and snap pictures).
Any thoughts
Ayo Adeojo
Are IG reels really that important?
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