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[Minneapolis] MTCE is happening in 3 hours
Today's AI in Business: Salesforce Einstein
Salesforce Einstein enhances your CRM with AI-powered predictive analytics, personalized recommendations, and automated workflows. It understands customers, anticipate needs, and streamline sales. Visit my LinkedIn Post: Source:
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AI moving so fast🤣😜🤪
Yes, this local shop in the foothills of the Himalayas has joined the AI revolution. When everyone says their solution is AI-enabled, you can’t blame the neighborhood tea stall for doing the same. Have the best day!
GPT hacks on iPhone
Really cool for iPhone users. Basically swap Siri for gpt with a shortcut
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Welcome New Members! Everyone Say Hello!
Welcome to Our AI Community! 🥳 Hello everyone! Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our newest members. We're excited to have you join us as we explore and innovate in the world of ethical and innovative AI. Dive into our resources, participate in discussions, and contribute to our shared mission. Remember to post about your experiences, resources you find, and what you are learning along the way! Avoid using AI to create your posts or copying and pasting from the internet into our community, though helpful links are encouraged! Welcome aboard! 🚀🌟 If you are new here, this is a new weekly post for all our new members to introduce themselves to the community! Let us know who you are, how you serve and how you can be served! If you introduced yourself in a previous post, feel free to just say hi! @Kim Guillory @Tracey Oliver @Ixora Wong @Madhavi N @Lori Sloan @Daniel Lessa @Walid Boulanouar @Eva Aning @Jessie Felling @Ryan Gooding @Julia Espinoza @Jakub Maler @Corrie Wilder @Bastian Schmitz @Oscar Sosa @Syed Khalil Al-Kudcy @Vivekanandan S @Sean Hardy @Tanzim Saqib
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3 Types Artificial Intelligence
Do you know there are different types of Artificial Intelligence? Learn about the 3 types to gain a deeper understanding and help you adapt to this technology.
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