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Live Harvesting-Mix Monday is happening in 2 hours
My new mix
because I can’t find the string where I posted it😂😂 but it’s coming along great
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My new mix
Good luck today
Good luck today! I hope you all sell out
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I am curious if anyone has tried radio marketing? Is it worth it?
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No gatekeeping
This community AND Microgreens for Business Coaching is different from all the others because there is no gatekeeping. I’ve invested a small fortune in microgreens education and while I did get some great jumping off points that got me started, a lot of it was fluffy (find it for free with a google search) and a lot of it was honestly, bad information or bad practices. If you want to ‘skill up or scale up’ invest in your business to join the business coaching side of this community. The amount of info that is shared is more than you will ever get at a more expensive course (ask me how I know😉), but this is always being updated, and for me the live weekly Q&A sessions, and live classes are priceless because you can either attend and ask questions live, or be able to watch a replay and gain a ton from others who asked super questions. AND there is no gatekeeping of info… if they don’t know (and trust me they almost always know), they will find out. There are no secrets. They invested in this industry and their students. Now you just need to invest in yourself and your business. 💚 ((this was not solicited by Mike and Jess …just my good advice for the day))
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Home use vs commercial use when applying for zoning clearance
This may seem like a silly question. I do plan on calling my county office this week, but I thought I would see if someone might have the answer here. When applying for a business license in my county, we have to submit a zoning pre-clearance application first. One question on the application is home use or commercial use. Would growing Microgreens in your home fall under commercial use? Here commercial use requires an inspection from the Fire Marshall before your application is approved.
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