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Spice Up Ready Made Meals w/ Microgreens!
Hey everyone! I can't really call this a "recipe." All I did was heat up some ready made Butter Chicken from Sam's Club (it was REALLY good btw), cooked some quinoa, and topped it with pea shoots! This was SO good and easy! Just an idea for anyone you may talk to that says they don't want to buy bc they don't "cook." All I did was boil water (for the quinoa) and add the rest 🤷🏽 Heck! You can actually buy quinoa already cooked or make minute rice in the microwave! Too easy weeknight meal! 😋
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Spice Up Ready Made Meals w/ Microgreens!
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Very pretty! It looks delicious!
Success having my son sell door-to-door
Has anyone else tried selling door-to-door? I just wanted to share my successes of having my 9 year-old son sell microgreens door-to-door. The farmer's market in my town doesn't start until July 1st (and it is quite small). Yesterday I applied for a market that has already started, but is 30 minutes from my house, in another city. My first harvest I shared with my neighbors and friends as samples, mostly with my son delivering them. I am currently offering 2 oz Pea, 2 oz Sunflower, 1.5 oz Basic Salad Mix, 1.5 oz Broccoli. I grew a few radish in my first harvest, but need to figure out how I use it, before I offer it. My second harvest I started having my son sell door-to-door. He sold 27 clam shells at $5 each, with a $2 tip. $137 in Revenue (my son gets $1 for each clam he sells) My third harvest he sold 49 clams (including a neighbor that came to our house to pick some up), and got $50 total in tips. He shares the tips 50/50 with me. We went out 3 times, for a total of about 5 hours. I drive around following him with a cooler in the car, and he walks door-to-door. $295 in Revenue (my son made $74 between the clams and tips) We now have 5-6 regular customers that have asked us to come back every time that we have more. Because of lower yields, I sold out of Basic Salad Mix and Broccoli. I will plant more those next time. I also give a lot of what I harvest away to family and we eat a lot ourselves. *We do live in a fairly up-scale neighborhood, so I would recommend that you look to sell in more affluent areas. It also seems to be a fairly easy sale for my cute little 9 year-old boy.
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@LaReina Olson it definitely doesn’t hurt that he is a cute 9 year old. I use that to my advantage. 👍 He tells them that he and his family are selling Microgreens. They are baby plants that are 4 to 40 times more nutritious than the mature plants. He tells them that they are good in smoothies, salads and sandwiches. He shows them the 4 varieties that we usually sell, tells them they are $5 each, and then asks them which ones they want. There are a few that already know what Microgreens are and like them. Here, where I live in Utah, you can only get them at some health food stores. It helps that he is a friendly boy and that he wanted to earn money to buy some things. He is excited for our next harvest.
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Thank you @LaReina Olson It is a fun hobby that could turn into a real business. So far our only sales are from talking to friends and from door-to-door sales in the neighborhoods close to our house. My challenge is that we are selling our house and moving states, so I am just doing it as a fun hobby until after we move.
Grade 1 Vermiculite
I have been on the hunt for the super fine grind vermiculite for several weeks now so I can grow super beets. Well, the hunt is over and I wanted to share what I have found to others that might be having the same issues. I just purchased 2.5 gals of this so I'll update post when it arrives. Here is the link to the website It was only $43 and they have FREE shipping in the US except for the West Coast (read their free shipping policy for more info). This ships from Georgia either UPS or USPS. Website also states they will soon be offering wholesale accounts if anyone might be interested in bulk buying.
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@Christina Lefler I bought coarse vermiculite. I guess that I didn't know I needed fine vermiculite until today. 🤪 It looks like I will have to buy some fine vermiculite now. Maybe I am looking at it wrong, but it looks like 4 cubic feet is about 30 gallons. The cost comes out to $5.84 per gallon. It looks like you are paying $17.20 per gallon, if you are getting 2.5 gallons for $43. I too want to find the best option.
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@Christina Lefler That looks like a good price. The best I have seen for fine.
What's for dinner?
Made a quick Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad tonight! +/- 6oz Broccoli, Kale, & Red Cabbage Micros. 🥬 Just Bare chicken tenders Bacon Bits Hidden Valley Ranch
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What's for dinner?
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This looks delicious!
A question on mixes
What mixes do you offer and how do you create your mixes? I have only bought the Basic Salad Mix from True Leaf Market and grown the whole mix together. How do you mix your greens if you are growing the trays separately?
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