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Feedback Friday: Share Your Wins and Challenges! 🌱
Happy Friday It’s Feedback Friday, a day dedicated to reflecting on our week and sharing our experiences with the community. Today's Focus: Wins and Challenges We all have our ups and downs in the journey of growing microgreens. Sharing these experiences can help us learn from each other and grow together. Here are some prompts to get the conversation started: Wins: What’s a success you had this week with your microgreens? It could be a particularly good harvest, successfully trying a new variety, or finding a solution to a persistent problem. Challenges: What challenges did you face this week? Whether it’s issues with lighting, pests, or anything else, sharing your struggles can help us find solutions together. How did you overcome a specific challenge, or what strategies are you planning to try? Your insights could be incredibly helpful to others in the group. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve. Let’s support each other and celebrate our progress, no matter how small. Share your experiences in the comments below, and let’s end the week on a high note! Looking forward to reading your stories and providing support where needed. Have a wonderful weekend, and see you all for Showcase Saturday! 🌿✨
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Wins: Finally got the right vermiculite for the beet grow and so far, the tray looks good just out of germination. Stay tuned. Challenges: Moved the racks to a new, larger room and am battling with the humidity being to high. I couldn't get it down below 60% and it is effecting the grow process. Never had this issue until I moved rooms. So, battling that has me a bit frustrated but am working thru it. So that's my "two cents" of input.......
Grade 1 Vermiculite
I have been on the hunt for the super fine grind vermiculite for several weeks now so I can grow super beets. Well, the hunt is over and I wanted to share what I have found to others that might be having the same issues. I just purchased 2.5 gals of this so I'll update post when it arrives. Here is the link to the website It was only $43 and they have FREE shipping in the US except for the West Coast (read their free shipping policy for more info). This ships from Georgia either UPS or USPS. Website also states they will soon be offering wholesale accounts if anyone might be interested in bulk buying.
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@Spencer Pope yes I was in the early stages of the research to find a supplier. I did find this one today. A-1 super fine, 4 cf, $50, free shipping for a short time.
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@Joe Naiman-Sessions me too. I am still researching to find bulk at best price. I have located a few but there is not really much of a price break once shipping is added. All seem to be fairly close in price for the same volume. let's keep working together. one of us will eventually come across a good 'bulk' buy deal. :)
Coco Coir question
So I’m about to start some trays with coco coir I buy the 750 g bricks and I hydrate 1 brick in a 5 gallon bucket with 1 gallon of boiling water, then once cooled I’m planning to fill my tray and apply my seeds, then do another misting over top of my seeds. Is this the correct method?
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@Cameron Steininger agreed - boiling water to rehydrate is not necessary for greens. I use Bliss from Plantronix and water from my hose works just fine. Greens are looking good!
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@John Adam no need to go to all that trouble really. This stuff is easy to rehydrate with tap water or from the hose
Avoid These Common Microgreen Growing Mistakes
Whether you're just starting or have been growing microgreens for a while, it's crucial to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your progress. Today, let’s dive into some frequent missteps and learn how to avoid them to ensure your microgreens thrive! Top Microgreen Growing Mistakes 1. Overwatering: Microgreens need moisture to grow, but too much water can lead to mold and fungal diseases. Ensure your growing medium is moist but not waterlogged. Using a spray bottle or a hose (if you have access to one) can help you control the amount of water you add more effectively. 2. Inadequate Lighting -Microgreens require sufficient light to develop properly. Insufficient lighting can lead to weak, elongated stems. If you’re growing indoors, consider using full-spectrum LED lights that mimic natural sunlight. 3. Planting Too Densely or Too Sparingly -Overcrowding can restrict air circulation and promote the growth of mold, while sparse planting can reduce your yield. Aim for a balanced seed density to give each plant enough space to grow without wasting your growing medium. 4. Ignoring pH Levels The pH of your water and soil can significantly affect your microgreens. Most microgreens prefer a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. If you're using city water and a soil-based growing medium, check with your city as most provide water quality reports and the water is generally fine for growing. 5. Neglecting to Sanitize Equipment - Always clean your trays and tools before starting a new batch of microgreens. This prevents the spread of disease and ensures healthy growth. What challenges have you faced when growing microgreens? Share your experiences and how you overcame them, or ask for advice on any issues you’re currently encountering. Tip Keep a growth journal for your microgreens. Documenting your process, conditions, and results can help you learn from past mistakes and improve with each batch. Let’s learn from these common mistakes and grow our microgreens even better!
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@Eric Hansen One thing I learned was to really watch the root color, the moisture in the bottom tray AND I also press the soil and if it sticks to my finger, I do not add a high volume of water. So just watch those 3 things and you'll quickly learn what to do with each tray, every time. Note that not every tray will have the same requirement as the one beside it so check each one and handle as a unique situation. Just what I've learned over the past year of trial and error. Hope this helps.
Grow update….
20 trays out of germination. Peas are on another rack. So far best germination as these were about to tip over the stack. Seeded on Tuesday - out on Friday. Wheatgrass is draining and popcorn will soak on the 12th. I think we should have a very good stock and selection for the 18th market. Next seeding will be broccoli, pea, superfoods and super beets for test processing into powder.
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