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Sunday Morning Harvest is happening in 30 hours
Growing Broccoli,leaves are falling at the end of the tray
Hello all, What could be the reason for greens at the end of the tray are falling?
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Age of seeds?
If purchasing off another grower who’s going out of business….if TrueLeaf organic seeds are 20+ months old and stored in buckets (due to large quantity) will they still be good?
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Big News
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Temperature maintenance
Is it really important to maintain the same room temperature 24/7 for good quality crop? Right now, I am growing near the window, I observed temps keep changing throughout the day. One day I have to water more while the other day not.
🎉GAP Certified!!! 🎉
So happy to share that our farm has successfully passed the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) inspection with flying colors! Out of a possible applicable 915 points, we scored an outstanding 905! (They always have to find at least 1 thing 😉) This achievement showcases the effectiveness of the practices and principles we advocate in our teaching, live sessions, & coaching sessions. It’s proof that with dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, achieving high standards is possible. Shout Out to my absolutely amazing husband 💚@Mike Hicks and to All Of YOU who continually strive for excellence. Seeing all your hard work, passion for learning, and commitment to growing safe, healthy, and delicious microgreens truly inspires us each and every day. Let's keep pushing the boundaries and growing together! 🌱✨
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