Entrepreneur, Martial artist, Athlete
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Joined Jun 4, 2024
Empowering entrepreneurs to embrace their authentic selves, lead with integrity, and achieve remarkable growth.
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Joined Feb 22, 2024
Artist turned microgreens farmer. That makes me a 3rd generation farmer in my family, first to be vertical farming. Living in the PNW:,Bellingham WA
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Mom with two kiddos, wife of a stroke survivor,growing for ourselves, here to learn more on how to make this as a full time
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I help people launch podcasts
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☞ “Bijan is like google but for business books”
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Growing farm in ND
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Just trying to learn to take one day at a time, manage my health problems naturally, and trust God with the details.
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Started watching videos on youtube at the begining of the Pandemic. Grew some trays and built a couple of racks. Want to make this my full time job.
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I'm Joe...
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Automating Skool and solo entrepreneur's businesses to maximize efficiency! Remove repetitive tasks with automation 🔄 Focus on what truly matters. 🚀
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40 year retailer in the Furniture Industry. Managed in-house advertising agency that bought all medias. Licensed cannabis business owner. Musician.
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Get sales with Facebook Ads ✅
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Salt Lake City, UT
New to microgreens and agriculture; Breast Cancer Survivor; Mother; Nutritional Nerd; 5yr Beekeeper; Nature Lover, FL Panhandle
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Chad "Prouddaddy" Johnson Helping entrepreneurial & executive dads over 40 transform from dadbod to fit father & get in the best shape of their lives!
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Andy Mussaw, founder and operator of Fresh Source Farms - one of the fastest growing indoor Microgreen farms in the Delmarva region.
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Elkton, Maryland
I am an interior Painter of 20+ years and have chosen to work online so I can retire! I'm ready to focus on helping others learn how to do the same !
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A cancer fighter on her journey of healing and trying new things. Looking forward to growing…in all ways!
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Father of 2 from Alberta, Canada. After 20+ years as a blue collar worker, I decided to try earning a living doing something I love for a change!
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New to microgreens growing.
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Central Florida
Southern MD Farm, primarily indoor ag with a focus on organic practices and specialty market items for restaurants.
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So excited to be a part of this group!
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Local farm in IN starting a greenhouse and microgreens business after leaving a job I'd been at for the past 10 years.
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Hope, IN
I have been growing Micros since 2019 for friends, family and myself. I have decided that I want to turn this in to a business.
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Located in Uxbridge Ontario. Just moved from a 8x8 grow space to 12x24 area just for racks and another 12x24 for my workspace, so up to over 500sf.
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winners never quit..
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Hi! I'm Nick. I like plants, and not having a boss.
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hi my name is Carlos. Owner of Littlegreenfingerfarms. I'm based out of Tampa and ready to grow in this new hobby/business
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I am a butcher Baker and candlestick maker and farmer I work at Sam's I hope you all have a blessed day thank you
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Denise, been in the health & wellness arena for over 20 years and passionate about keeping my own family healthy & guiding others to do the same.
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Joined Apr 10, 2024
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