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Left overs
I was delivering to Restaurants, but they all of a sudden don't need anything. So now I'm left with a lot of cilantro. What would you do with it?
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I take mine to our local ‘FREEdge’. It’s a fridge where local food producers sign up to donate food there. They use an online system for tracking what is placed in there for tax reasons at the end of the year. Anyone can come get fresh food from it, and there is a big filing cabinet next to it for shelf stable items. They also promote our business on their social media too.
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@Kim Woods The place where I donate gives me a tax form at the end of the year. I also keep a running list, but this is my first year so I’m not sure where it gets entered yet. I know there is a spot somewhere.
Moisture absorbers
I am looking into adding a moisture absorber to my product container. I half water the day before harvest and I turn the lights of at least an hour before harvest. and there is still moisture in the container. Anyone have a suggestion for a brand or link to a product that they use?
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Are your greens dry when harvesting or is the moisture coming after harvest? You don’t want to harvest if they are wet. I have used this with post harvest moisture:
🎉GAP Certified!!! 🎉
So happy to share that our farm has successfully passed the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) inspection with flying colors! Out of a possible applicable 915 points, we scored an outstanding 905! (They always have to find at least 1 thing 😉) This achievement showcases the effectiveness of the practices and principles we advocate in our teaching, live sessions, & coaching sessions. It’s proof that with dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, achieving high standards is possible. Shout Out to my absolutely amazing husband 💚@Mike Hicks and to All Of YOU who continually strive for excellence. Seeing all your hard work, passion for learning, and commitment to growing safe, healthy, and delicious microgreens truly inspires us each and every day. Let's keep pushing the boundaries and growing together! 🌱✨
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A little Advice
The Quickest way to succeed is to start now and figure it out as you go. You Can't learn to Drive a Parked Car.
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A little Advice
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Avoid These Common Microgreen Growing Mistakes
Whether you're just starting or have been growing microgreens for a while, it's crucial to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your progress. Today, let’s dive into some frequent missteps and learn how to avoid them to ensure your microgreens thrive! Top Microgreen Growing Mistakes 1. Overwatering: Microgreens need moisture to grow, but too much water can lead to mold and fungal diseases. Ensure your growing medium is moist but not waterlogged. Using a spray bottle or a hose (if you have access to one) can help you control the amount of water you add more effectively. 2. Inadequate Lighting -Microgreens require sufficient light to develop properly. Insufficient lighting can lead to weak, elongated stems. If you’re growing indoors, consider using full-spectrum LED lights that mimic natural sunlight. 3. Planting Too Densely or Too Sparingly -Overcrowding can restrict air circulation and promote the growth of mold, while sparse planting can reduce your yield. Aim for a balanced seed density to give each plant enough space to grow without wasting your growing medium. 4. Ignoring pH Levels The pH of your water and soil can significantly affect your microgreens. Most microgreens prefer a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. If you're using city water and a soil-based growing medium, check with your city as most provide water quality reports and the water is generally fine for growing. 5. Neglecting to Sanitize Equipment - Always clean your trays and tools before starting a new batch of microgreens. This prevents the spread of disease and ensures healthy growth. What challenges have you faced when growing microgreens? Share your experiences and how you overcame them, or ask for advice on any issues you’re currently encountering. Tip Keep a growth journal for your microgreens. Documenting your process, conditions, and results can help you learn from past mistakes and improve with each batch. Let’s learn from these common mistakes and grow our microgreens even better!
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@LaReina Olson Bottled spring water, which we had to PH balance. There is no way to do that with hose, it goes through a filter but I don’t know the oh yet. Was planning on testing this week. If it needs adjusting I will use the hose to fill my bucket so save the cost of the bottled water.
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Keep in mind during this past year I’ve been growing one or two shelves, not even a full rack, so it was not too crazy using my good water from my water cooler… I spoiled my plants 💚🪴
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Tracy Webster
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Artist turned microgreens farmer. That makes me a 3rd generation farmer in my family, first to be vertical farming. Living in the PNW:,Bellingham WA

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