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Temperature question
When growing microgreens indoors, in FL weather (upwards of 80 degrees and 36% humidity during day) would there be an issue? During the evenings it’ll be around 70-72 degrees and 38-40% humidity. If I turn on grow lights in evening, would the daytime temps kill the greens?
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@Joe Naiman-Sessions This is true 😂🙃
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@Kim Woods Yes! I would say you have some very efficient AC units!
Sunday Afternoon Harvest
Join us on YouTube for the afternoon!
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Always good to see you two!
Spice Up Ready Made Meals w/ Microgreens!
Hey everyone! I can't really call this a "recipe." All I did was heat up some ready made Butter Chicken from Sam's Club (it was REALLY good btw), cooked some quinoa, and topped it with pea shoots! This was SO good and easy! Just an idea for anyone you may talk to that says they don't want to buy bc they don't "cook." All I did was boil water (for the quinoa) and add the rest 🤷🏽 Heck! You can actually buy quinoa already cooked or make minute rice in the microwave! Too easy weeknight meal! 😋
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Spice Up Ready Made Meals w/ Microgreens!
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@Spencer Pope Thank you! It tasted EVEN BETTER because I didn't have to cook it! 💯😋😂
Try a New Microgreen Variety: Red Acre Cabbage
Here's what I did to start out! 1) Chose your shallow 1020 tray (mesh or slotted will both work). Bootstrap Farmer mesh shallow tray is what is pictured. 2) Fill with ~3qts of your chosen growing medium 3) Level and tamp down the growing medium 4) Dampen the growing medium with water via spray bottle 5) Evenly hand seed tray with 20g True Leaf Market Red Acre Cabbage (not organic) 6) Dampen the growing medium/seeds with more water (soil not saturated/no drips in bottom tray) 7) Lightly tamp the seeds in the growing medium 8) Cover with another solid bottom Bootstrap Farmer shallow 1020 tray. 9) Add a 15lb paver and keep in weighted black out for 3 days
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Try a New Microgreen Variety: Red Acre Cabbage
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1) After 3 days of weighted black out, remove the paver and top solid shallow tray. 2) Top water tray 3) Place the tray under grow lights. I use a 12hrs on/12hrs off light cycle.
Thirsty Thursday: Share Your Favorite Microgreen Recipes! 🌱
Hello, All Welcome to Thirsty Thursday, a day dedicated to sharing delicious and creative ways to use microgreens in your meals. Today's Theme: Microgreens in Salads Microgreens are a fantastic addition to any salad, adding a burst of flavor, texture, and nutrition. Here are a few salad ideas to get you started: 1. Classic Microgreen Salad: Combine a variety of microgreens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and a light vinaigrette. Simple, fresh, and delicious! 2. Microgreen and Berry Salad: Mix microgreens with fresh berries (such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries), feta cheese, and a balsamic glaze. A perfect blend of sweet and savory! 3. Spicy Microgreen Salad: Use spicy microgreens like radish or arugula, add sliced bell peppers, red onions, and a spicy peanut dressing for a kick. Recipe Sharing: We’d love to see how you incorporate microgreens into your meals! Share your favorite salad recipes or any other dishes featuring microgreens in the comments below. Feel free to include photos, ingredient lists, and any special tips. What’s your favorite microgreen to use in salads, and why? Let’s exchange ideas and inspire each other to create delicious and nutritious meals! Happy eating, and see you tomorrow for Feedback Friday! 🌿✨
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Thirsty Thursday: Share Your Favorite Microgreen Recipes! 🌱
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Hmmm....I'll take one of everything! 😂 Looks yummy!!
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