Need expertise!

Calling All Product Strategy Experts, and those who have experience with startups!

I need your expertise!

I'm going to launch a program aimed to challenge and level up startup’s product strategy. As a crucial step in this journey, I've designed an assessment workshop to help them reach new heights. But, I need your invaluable input and guidance to ensure it's top-notch.

Here's how you can help:

I'm seeking experts in product strategy and workshop facilitation to join me in evaluating this workshop. Your insights will be incredibly valuable in refining and perfecting the content.

Share your ideas and suggestions to enhance the workshop. Your experience can help us craft a truly impactful learning experience for our startups.

This won't take much of your time, just a little moment at your convenience. Your support will make a world of difference.

By contributing, you'll play a vital role in empowering the next generation of innovators/facilitator and ensuring their success.

If you're interested in helping and lending your expertise, please reach out to me.

Feel free to send me a direct message to get involved or for more information. Thank you for your time!


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