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It's that time again! I want to put what we’re learning in the world of facilitation and workshopping into practice with this workshop design challenge! I will be posting anonymized client briefs (repurposed briefs from past clients of AJ&Smart) over the next few weeks and I would love for you to design a workshop to meet these briefs. I have attached our Agenda template that you can use to complete this task. In the comments section, you can write the same headings in this template to give you some guidance. This template follows AJ&Smart’s 4C’s Framework for structuring ANY workshop. So...what is the 4C’s Framework? We’re glad you asked! The 4C’s stand for Collect, Choose, Create, and Commit. The 4C’s Framework can be used to design any workshop regardless of topic, length, or outcome. If you want to get the full breakdown of how it works and how to use it in your workshops, you can download the Workshopper Playbook, where we explain everything in detail! So, let's take a look at the brief 👀 Client: GreenTech Innovators Contact Person: Emma Johnson Subject: Workshop Challenge - Sustainable Living for High School Students Background: GreenTech Innovators is a company focused on making the world greener. We develop products and services to help people live more sustainably. We want to teach high school students about the importance of sustainable living. Objective: Create a fun and engaging workshop for high school students (aged 14-18) about sustainable living. The workshop should help students understand how their actions impact the environment and teach them ways to live more sustainably. Workshop Requirements: - Duration: The workshop should last 1.5 to 2 hours. - Format: Mix presentations, activities, and group discussions - Content: Cover these topics: a. Why sustainable living matters b. How our choices affect the environment c. GreenTech Innovators’ products and services d. Tips for living sustainably



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Chakib A Dekik
Benedict Odjobo
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    I am sharing with you the workshop that I built for this challenge. Please excuse me for posting it late. I would also like to have @Aj Smart Aj&Smart's version and see the exercises they used, to learn from the experts!!! Thank You

I would like to know about the tips that you facilitators use for exercises on HMW's, long-term goals, and sprint questions, apart from those given in the cours training. thank you !



Jakub Michalski
Chakib A Dekik
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    @Jakub Michalski No, it’s all clear I just wanted to get some extra facilitation tips from other facilitators. Maybe I could just learn some new technics.

hello everuone, i just fibished the cours of the design sprint masterclass and i want to know more about the live calls of Q&A. And, also want to know if there's a special groupe of us the student; sins i can't find the facebook groupe anymore ! Thank You!



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    @Sam Pettersson Thank you for the advice

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    @Kat Mather graet! happy to meet classmate here and wish you the best

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"I'm Chakib, and I graduated from University of science and technology . I'm joining this group to learn more about Design Sprint, with all of you.

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