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📣 Join me in a Live Training Session this Wednesday!!
Helllooo Facilitators 👋 Join me for a LIVE training session this Wednesday, July 5th @6:30PM CEST. In this invite-only training, you’ll learn how to run one of AJ&Smart’s favorite retrospective workshop exercises, the Sailboat! ⛵️ The Sailboat is a powerful, retrospective technique that enables teams to reflect on their journey, identify what’s been anchoring them down, and set a course for smoother sailing. In this value-packed session, you’ll learn... ⛵️ ⛵️ How to facilitate a successful Sailboat exercise ⛵️ Identifying the forces that propel your project/team forward ⛵️ Recognizing the barriers holding you back ⛵️ Setting strategies for your team to reach their goals ⛵️ Practical tips and tools for facilitating the session Sooooo, mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 5th, at 6:30 pm CEST (Berlin time) and join me for this free live training. PLUS, there'll be a Q&A session at the end, so you'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered and receive personalized advice! Secure your spot by signing up. Spaces are limited, so I'd recommend signing up soon to make sure you don't miss out! Here's the link to sign up:
Jakub Michalski
Salah Bouchma
Rebecca Courtney
Benedict Odjobo
Anna Shildrick
New comment Jul 11
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    @Anna Shildrick the replay is availible on AJ&Smart' youtube channel
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    @Venu Doddavarapu the replay is availible on AJ&Smart' youtube channel
Need expertise!
Calling All Product Strategy Experts, and those who have experience with startups! I need your expertise! I'm going to launch a program aimed to challenge and level up startup’s product strategy. As a crucial step in this journey, I've designed an assessment workshop to help them reach new heights. But, I need your invaluable input and guidance to ensure it's top-notch. Here's how you can help: I'm seeking experts in product strategy and workshop facilitation to join me in evaluating this workshop. Your insights will be incredibly valuable in refining and perfecting the content. Share your ideas and suggestions to enhance the workshop. Your experience can help us craft a truly impactful learning experience for our startups. This won't take much of your time, just a little moment at your convenience. Your support will make a world of difference. By contributing, you'll play a vital role in empowering the next generation of innovators/facilitator and ensuring their success. If you're interested in helping and lending your expertise, please reach out to me. Feel free to send me a direct message to get involved or for more information. Thank you for your time!
Design launch plan workshop
What are facilitation tips you can give me for designing a whole launch plan for a conferance event ? what are the key steps to follow ?
Ren Yee Quek
Jakub Michalski
Lisa Walker
New comment Sep 14
7 Game-Changing Resources Every Facilitator NEEDS To Know!!
Hey Facilitators!👋 I don't know if you remember, but awhile ago I asked you all about your favourite resources for facilitators and I got sooooo many amazing answers back! Thank you for your contributions 💛 Since then, we put together a video of our 7 favourites! These resources are packed with facilitation techniques, tips, tricks, workshop exercises, ice-breakers, and warm-up activities. In this video, I not only cover books but I also discuss tools that will help you run better and smoother remote workshops.Some of these resources are free, and some are paid. By the way, we DON’T get paid to promote any of these products. They’re just great, and we really like them. So if you’re looking to level up your facilitation game, then check out this video immediately 👉 I go DEEP into these resources to show you what’s great about them and how to use them. So, give a big shout out to all of the authors and creators of these amazing resources! THANK YOU! Here they are in order of appearance: 1. Gamestorming by James Macanufo and Sunni Brown / Sun Kagami 2. Workshop Tactics Pip Decks by 🎴 Charles Burdett 3. Miro 4. The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless 5. SessionLab 6. FunRetrospectives by 🎯Paulo Caroli 7. Facilitator Club Free Community by AJ&Smart Have you tried any of the above resources before? Which one is your favourite?
Mette Beckhof
Abdelrahman Hussien
Gabriel Amaral
Eric Bakey
Jeroen den Uijl
New comment Aug 22
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    thank you @Rebecca Courtney for sharing with us those resourses
⚠️ Don’t Miss Out: An Exclusive Interview with Angela Parker – Learn All About Becoming a Highly Successful Workshop Facilitator! ⚠️
Hey Facilitators! 👋 We’ve got something super exciting lined up for you! We’re hosting a live Q&A session this Wednesday, July 19th @7pm CEST with the fantastic Angela Parker, who is an EXTREMELY successful executive coach and workshop facilitator. Meet Angela: After 15 years in the fitness industry, Angela sold her business and moved into coaching. But, although she loved what she did, she was struggling to reach her lofty financial goals. She tripled her business within three months of completing the Workshopper Master Program (AJ&Smarts higher-tiered program) by incorporating Facilitation into her practice Now, she’s carved out a highly lucrative niche for herself in the facilitation industry. So how did she do it? Angela is going to share her roller-coaster journey with us, and trust us, it’s a story you don’t want to miss! In this live Q&A, you'll also get the inside scoop on what our Workshopper Master program is really like, and how it enabled Angela to grow her business. 👉 So, here’s the plan: 📅 When? Wednesday, July 19th at 7pm CEST. 🗺️ Where? LIVE on Zoom: This is a golden opportunity to glean insights, ask questions, and see how you can chart a similar course. Will I see you there?
John Elde
Sam Pettersson
David Newman
Rebecca Courtney
Andrea Browne
New comment Aug 2
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    Looking forward to gaining valuable insights from Angela's journey and discovering the secrets to becoming a highly successful workshop facilitator! Count me in!
  • 1 like • Jul 20
    @Jakub Michalski thanks for sharing !
Design Sprint Q&A with Jake Knapp 🔥
Hey Facilitators! We’re hosting a special Design Sprint-themed Q&A session with Jake Knapp, the creator of the Design Sprint & NY Times Bestselling Author. The session kicks off on Tuesday, July 25th, at 5 pm CEST (Berlin time). Here’s what we’ll cover: - What is the Design Sprint? - When to facilitate the Design Sprint? - Common pitfalls to avoid - What makes a Design Sprint successful? - The best way to learn the Design Sprint - AND MORE! Save your spot here 🎟 If you have ANY questions about the Design Sprint and/or want to know how YOU can leverage Design Sprints in your work, then I’d urge you to come along to the Q&A session tomorrow - it’s going to be fun! Who is joining us? Let me know in the comments below 💛
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Niki Staehle
Jakub Michalski
Shaul Nemtzov
Arundhati Swamy
Kassandra Keeton
New comment Aug 1
Missed Our Sailboat Exercise Live Training? Catch Up Now! 🌊⛵️
Hello Facilitators 👋 Last week, I hosted a live training session focusing on the Sailboat exercise, one of our FAVOURITE retrospective workshop activities here at AJ&Smart. It was so much FUN!! I understand that some of you were unable to join us live so with this, I'm excited to announce that the recording of this training session is now available for you to view at your convenience here The Sailboat is a powerful retrospective exercise that enables teams to reflect on their journey, identify what’s been anchoring them down, and set a course for smoother sailing ⛵️ This training session is PACKED with insights and practical guidance, including: ⛵️ Steps to facilitate a successful sailboat exercise ⛵️ Techniques to identify the forces propelling your project or team forward ⛵️ Ways to recognize and address the barriers holding you back ⛵️ Strategies for your team to effectively reach their goals ⛵️ Practical tips and tools for facilitating the sailboat exercise I believe this session will equip you with valuable tools and insights that can be integrated into your daily practice so be sure to watch it back 👀 Stay tuned for more resources and updates. I'm so excited to do more sessions like this 😍 Rebecca 💜
Chakib A Dekik
Rebecca Courtney
Etienne Zervaas
Benedict Odjobo
New comment Jul 17
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    it's always beneficial to see the replay even for people who attended the live, because it will allow them to better anchor the notion of the sail boat. thank you for the share !
⚡️ Workshop Design Challenge No. 2 ⚡️
It's that time again! I want to put what we’re learning in the world of facilitation and workshopping into practice with this workshop design challenge! I will be posting anonymized client briefs (repurposed briefs from past clients of AJ&Smart) over the next few weeks and I would love for you to design a workshop to meet these briefs. I have attached our Agenda template that you can use to complete this task. In the comments section, you can write the same headings in this template to give you some guidance. This template follows AJ&Smart’s 4C’s Framework for structuring ANY workshop. So...what is the 4C’s Framework? We’re glad you asked! The 4C’s stand for Collect, Choose, Create, and Commit. The 4C’s Framework can be used to design any workshop regardless of topic, length, or outcome. If you want to get the full breakdown of how it works and how to use it in your workshops, you can download the Workshopper Playbook, where we explain everything in detail! So, let's take a look at the brief 👀 Client: GreenTech Innovators Contact Person: Emma Johnson Subject: Workshop Challenge - Sustainable Living for High School Students Background: GreenTech Innovators is a company focused on making the world greener. We develop products and services to help people live more sustainably. We want to teach high school students about the importance of sustainable living. Objective: Create a fun and engaging workshop for high school students (aged 14-18) about sustainable living. The workshop should help students understand how their actions impact the environment and teach them ways to live more sustainably. Workshop Requirements: - Duration: The workshop should last 1.5 to 2 hours. - Format: Mix presentations, activities, and group discussions - Content: Cover these topics: a. Why sustainable living matters b. How our choices affect the environment c. GreenTech Innovators’ products and services d. Tips for living sustainably
Msoo Mee
Rebecca Courtney
Benedict Odjobo
Chakib A Dekik
Dom Jones
New comment Jul 13
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    I am sharing with you the workshop that I built for this challenge. Please excuse me for posting it late. I would also like to have @Aj Smart Aj&Smart's version and see the exercises they used, to learn from the experts!!! Thank You
  • 0 likes • Jul 5
    hello there @Rebecca Courtney may i share it and my contibution on linkedIn ?
Design Sprint Masterclass
I would like to know about the tips that you facilitators use for exercises on HMW's, long-term goals, and sprint questions, apart from those given in the cours training. thank you !
Jakub Michalski
Chakib A Dekik
New comment Mar 3
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    @Jakub Michalski No, it’s all clear I just wanted to get some extra facilitation tips from other facilitators. Maybe I could just learn some new technics.
Design Sprint Masterclass Group
hello everuone, i just fibished the cours of the design sprint masterclass and i want to know more about the live calls of Q&A. And, also want to know if there's a special groupe of us the student; sins i can't find the facebook groupe anymore ! Thank You!
Jakub Michalski
Chakib A Dekik
Kat Mather
Sam Pettersson
New comment Feb 24
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    @Sam Pettersson Thank you for the advice
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    @Kat Mather graet! happy to meet classmate here and wish you the best
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